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ENVIRONMENT Biotech crops have mitigating effects on climate change

“The ill effects of global warming are being reversed by the increasing area for genetically modified crops which have been contributing to a significant...

ENVIRONMENT: Empty nets: A future with no fish

“We are running out of fish and running out of time. For a country known for marine biodiversity, there are very few fish left...

MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE: The (M)other side of Angging

The answers come quick and almost stereotyped whenever one asks, “Angela Librado-Trinidad, who?” Passionate lawyer. Feisty women’s advocate. Devoted public servant. Member of the GRP...

GAME CHANGERS : Getting out of poverty

Poverty, so goes a popular saying, is no hindrance to success. Nick Mabale Caraquel has proven this! From being a small boy selling banana...

ENVIRONMENT: Mangroves are ecologically disturbed

“Ecologically disturbed.” That is how the recently-released summit proceedings described the status of mangroves of Southern Luzon. In Marinduque, for instance, the dumping...

ENVIRONMENT: Deconstructing logging

“Logging is more than an ecological problem.  It is a social, political and economic dilemma as well.  At the root of the malaise are...

ENVIRONMENT: All-out war against land degradation

“Land is the foundation for all life-sustaining processes on the planet. It provides us with food and water. It helps us manage environmental risks...

ENVIRONMENT: Sustainable land management is key to combat degradation

The Mekong Delta, situated in the South of Vietnam, is one of the biggest and most fertile deltas in Southeast Asia.  The region provides...

ENVIRONMENT: Fish swimming into oblivion

Unless Filipinos help protect and manage their coastal ecosystem, the country may don’t have fish to feed its growing population. Already, the resources that...

GAME CHANGER: From small town to the world

(Note: This feature first appeared in South Shore, a magazine which was an entry to the 2017 Blue Feather Awards. It is published under...


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