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ENVIRONMENT: Coral reefs soon to be shadow of their old selves

“To lose coral reefs is to fundamentally undermine the health of a very large proportion of the human race.” – Dr. Ruth Gates, director...

ENVIRONMENT: Climate change is here

“When the doctor tells you that your cholesterol is too high, you tend to listen and change your diet. When the world’s climate scientists...

ENVIRONMENT: Saving Philippine eagle from extinction

Dennis Salvador and Roberto P. Puentespina, Jr. have one thing in common.  Both are trying to save the endangered Philippine eagle from extinction. Salvador...
FREEDOM. A juvenile Philippine Eagle is freed to its habitat Tuesday, January 31, a month after rehabilitation by the Philippine Eagle Center. (Edgardo Calderon of CENRO Kiamba for SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE)

ENVIRONMENT: Saving Philippine eagle from extinction

Visitors, both foreigners and locals, who come to Davao City for the first time almost always include the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Calinan...

ENVIRONMENT: Saving Philippine eagle from extinction

Come January 15, Pag-asa – which means “hope” in Tagalog – will turn 26 years old.  The male Philippine eagle is the first of...

ENVIRONMENT: Empty nets: No more fish soon?

As population continues to balloon and fish catch in the open seas is dwindling, the Philippines – which has more than 7,000 islands –...

ENVIRONMENT: Lands: Going, going, gone?

A few years back, the United States Department of Agriculture stated that land degradation was a major global issue during the 20th century and...

ENVIRONMENT: Will there still be water?

“Kung kailan nawawala saka pa hahanapin,” so goes a line of a popular song. The line doesn’t apply to love only but to water as...

SCIENCE: Where has all our topsoil gone?

“When soil erodes from fields, it does not simply move to another spot on the farm. Much of it ends up in streams, rivers...

ENVIRONMENT: Saving sharks from extinction

“During a late-night beach party on Amity Island, a young woman goes swimming in the ocean. While treading water, she is violently pulled under....


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