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HEALTH: Organ donation: A second chance at life

“Organ donation is a unique opportunity to help save lives by giving a part of yourself so that others may live.” – National Kidney...

HEALTH: Unremembered but not forgotten

FOUR months after my grandmother, Modesta Tacio, turned 66, she started acting strange. She kept forgetting simple things: where she put her keys, if...

Beating dengue without a vaccine

In lieu of the controversial vaccine, there is a better way to beat dengue among those who are already infected with the virus. The...

Beating dengue without a vaccine

Six-year-old Lenny was struck with fever one night after two days of rain.  But there was something different; she appeared flushed.  She was irritable...

HEALTH: The dengue vaccine imbroglio

“Please, our son needs help!” pleaded Rina as she carried her son Noel to the hospital.  The nurses, who were having lunch that hot...

HEALTH: Carrots as life insurance policy

“You ask, ‘What is life?” asked Russian author and playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in a letter to his wife, Olga Knipper.  “That is the...

Cholesterol: Is it bad or is it good?

Is cholesterol really bad for your health? Before answering that question, let’s talk first things first.  “Cholesterol,” explains a booklet produced as an information service...

Aneurysms: Just waiting to erupt

When actress Isabel Granada died recently as a result of aneurysm, there was a sudden surge of people going to the doctor when they...

HEALTH: Are you taking care of your eyes?

The vision of his right was perfect: 20/20.  But he has problem with his left eye; his best visual acuity was still 20/60 –...

Malunggay: Nutritionally-packed vegetable

Malunggay, known in the science world as “Moringa oleifera,” is one of the of the world’s most useful, yet often overlooked, plants.  The “natural...


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