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HEALTH: Carrots as life insurance policy

“You ask, ‘What is life?” asked Russian author and playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in a letter to his wife, Olga Knipper.  “That is the...

Cholesterol: Is it bad or is it good?

Is cholesterol really bad for your health? Before answering that question, let’s talk first things first.  “Cholesterol,” explains a booklet produced as an information service...

Aneurysms: Just waiting to erupt

When actress Isabel Granada died recently as a result of aneurysm, there was a sudden surge of people going to the doctor when they...

HEALTH: Are you taking care of your eyes?

The vision of his right was perfect: 20/20.  But he has problem with his left eye; his best visual acuity was still 20/60 –...

Malunggay: Nutritionally-packed vegetable

Malunggay, known in the science world as “Moringa oleifera,” is one of the of the world’s most useful, yet often overlooked, plants.  The “natural...
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Death by self

It was around eight in the evening when a security guard heard a big bang at the entrance-exit of the parking lot of one...

Breast cancer: Women’s number one killer

“The cancer cells in my brain have been reduced significantly since my radiation program three months ago. I’m off chemo for a whole month.”...
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So, you want to get tested for HIV?

If there is no drastic intervention done now, the number of people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) will rise from an estimated 67,000...

Japanese Encephalitis: A bite that kills

First, there was malaria.  Then dengue fever came.  Zika virus also caused some panics among Filipinos.  And now, there’s Japanese encephalitis.  All four diseases...
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This golden spice called Turmeric

Geena, only 35 years old, is not your typical lady executive.  She’s athletic.  In fact, when she was still in college, she used to...


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