Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Davao Agri Trade Expo

Vantage Points

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Current – More taxes reduce economic growth

by Alex Roldan It’s just like one of those love-hate relationships. You may hate it, yet you know you can’t live without it....
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Trading Post – Learning the ropes of stock trading at seminar

by Aurelio Pena IT WAS A LONG, frustrated pent-up demand that one saw in the faces of people who turned up in a...
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Eco Smart – What need to changes in us as consumers

by Ricky Jimenez For us as consumers, making a positive impact in our own family circle, the community, the environment in general is...
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Thinking Allowed – A fashionable Philippines

by Nicasio Angelo Agustin “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” - Mark Twain It has...
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Current – K12 = Muchachos y Muchachas

by Alex Roldan It was a slap on the face of DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro after realizing that though his Spanish, technically speaking...
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Eco Smart – Stumbling blocks to a greener path

by Ricky Jimenez This writer, a retiree from government broadcast service, fancied doing non-government work on the environment. Being a resident of Dumoy,...
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Trading Post – World’s highest quality seaweeds

by Aurelio Pena ITS JUST one of those rare instances when a trader-friend calls you up and drags you along to join a...
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Editorial – High-tech investment

THERE was nothing but crime stories that dominated the front pages of Davao City’s about half a dozen newspaper dailies, giving readers a feeling...
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Eco Smart – Think Global. Act Local

by Ricky Jimenez If global temperature should shoot up to 5 degrees Celcius, the Philippines among 16 countries in tropical Asia, will experience...