Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vantage Points

Edge Davao

Editorial – Banana impasse over soon?

The November 20 public hearing conducted by the House committee on ecology is perceived to have cleared some doubts about the proposed permanent ban...
Edge Davao

Thinking Allowed – Davao City politics

by Nicasio Angelo AgustinNow that the certificates ofcCandidacy have been filed by aspirants to key positions in the City, the show of force and...
Edge Davao

Current – Indian threat?

by Alex RoldanAfter  months of quiet trade, rice is again receiving attention as the Department of Agriculture, through the National Food Authority, is dashing...
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Bar None – Remembering The Guy

by Ram MaxeyTHOSE were shots figuratively “heard” around the world. I’m referring to the infamous so-called Maguindanao Massacre last November 23 near the border...
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Sense or Sans – A greed leader

by Edcer EscuderoTHE SUSPENSE is over. Speculation is now a reality, an indisputable fact. Now we can say with finality “The cat is out...
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CarnageThe recent blood-curdling slaughter of more than 60 innocent people, almost half of them members of the media, by barbaric killers in Maguindanao is...
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Thinking Allowed – Light

by Nicasio Angelo AgustinWith 60 dead bodies so far and counting, the horrific evil that is the Maguindanao Massacre has left the entire country...
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Current – G-Force

by Alex RoldanIt had been foretold. Everyone knew that it was going to happen. It did happen too soon, and with a big bang....