Sunday, December 16, 2018

Vantage Points

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Current – Social impact of new technologies

by Alex RoldanAnti-corruption activists have just raised the bar in their fight against corruption in government--through  a “shame campaign” -- and the vehicle to...
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Trading Post – Raindrops on a hot, summer day

by Aurelio PeñaCRACKS are showing on the caked dry surface of the narrow canal beside one of the white-painted old buildings of the Kapitan...
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Money and You – The power of compounding

by Jet VillamorAlbert Einstein once commented, “One of the greatest mathematical discoveries of all time is the concept of COMPOUNDING.” There may be some...
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Thinking Allowed – Working, yet still poor

by Nicasio Angelo AgustinUnemployment rate as of January 2010 was registered at 7.30%, a tenth of a percentage point better that the figure posted...
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Guest Editorial – Holy Week 2010: Testament of hope

Holy Week 2010 is a mix of triumph, betrayal, death and despair, but love is victorious in the end.The week celebrates the grand parade...
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Editorial – Pity the farmers, pity ourselves

The Mindanao power crisis caused by the El Nino phenomenon has dominated public discourse during the past two months. The loud discussion has been...
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Bar None – The Davao experience

by Ram MaxeyFIVE million people around the world die every year from smoking, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). That’s 50 million every...
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Current – Propagating the culture of violence

by Alex RoldanFears are rife among political observers that the 2010 election would be the bloodiest political exercise in our nation’s history. I just...