Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Vantage Points

Edge Davao

Gospel of Hope: Love

by Rev. Dr. Mariano C. Apilado LOVE, it has often been said, is what makes the world go round. The position of this column...
Edge Davao

Expat – Why Davao City?

by Klaus Döring A couple of days ago I got the chance to meet Davao City’s Vice Mayor Sara Duterte for an interview. I...
Edge Davao

Editorial – Serendipity

The  still  placid political waters of the country were suddenly stirred with the unexpected announcement last week of Sen. Mar Roxas abandoning his presidential...
Edge Davao

Thinking Allowed – Above all else, hope

by Nicasio Angelo Agustin It was, somehow, recently possible – but a mere six weeks ago, it would have been unthinkable.Mar Roxas has stepped...
Edge Davao

Current – Destiny as a concept of politics?

by Alex Roldan One could easily discern the feeling of sadness in Senator Mar Roxas’ eyes when he announced in front of national TV,...
Edge Davao

Sense or Sans – Going gaga over Noynoy

by Edcer Escudero A phenomenon is a-brewing in Philippine politics.Corynians in Metro Manila and elsewhere in the country are going gaga over Noynoy (Sen....
Edge Davao

Bar None – Remembering, once upon a time

by Ram Maxey September 9, 1944. It’s been that long, 65 years. But the memory of that fateful day remains etched in my mind....
Edge Davao

Editorial – Jail those road monster

It’s a good thing that the city government of Davao and the other government agencies are campaigning in earnest against reckless drivers who have...