CTTMO to implement anti-jaywalking  law

Infographics by CTTMO / CIO
Infographics by CTTMO / CIO

The City Traffic and Transport Management Office is committed to implement strictly the anti-jaywalking ordinance starting on December 1, said CTTMO chief Rhodelio Poliquit.

Poliquit said his office has been lenient in running after jaywalkers in the city over the past years.

“But this time we will be apprehending them to a give a better flow of traffic to our commuters,” he said.

He said that they will apprehend jaywalkers and will penalize them with P100 or 4 hour community service.

He said that they will make sure that the overpass in the different areas of the city will be utilized properly by pedestrians.

“The city spends so much on our overpass, but it wasn’t utilized by  pedestrians, this time we will make sure that  the public will use it,” Poliquit said.

He said that starting on Wednesday; the CTTMO personnel will start on imposing the law to make the public aware of the implementation of the anti-jaywalking ordinance.

The anti-jaywalking is under the Traffic Ordinance of Davao City amended in 1992, authored by Councilor Bonifacio Militar.