Paul Wilbur concert to kick off Israel-RP festival in USeP-Davao

The Israel-Philippine Festival 2017, a prelude to the World Camp for Jesus in Jerusalem in July-August this year, will kick off  with  a concert of Paul Wilbur,  internationally-acclaimed worship artist, songwriter and teacher, at the USeP (University of Southeastern Philippines) Gym in the evening of April 19, a Wednesday.

The concert is brought to Davao by Ed and Sherrym Benish Ministries and supported by the inter-church endeavors of Metro Davao Pastors Fellowship.

The most-awaited show in Davao City is the first in a series of  concerts in the country. It will be followed by another concert also by Paul Wilbur in Bacolod City at the University of Saint La Salle Auditorium on April 21; in Manila at the Mall of Asia Complex, MOA Arena on April  24; in Tuguegarao City at the Greyhound Gym of the University of Cagayan Valley on April 26; and in Baguio City at the Burnham Park’s Melvin Jones Football Field on April 28.

All worship concerts will start at 7 p.m. In Davao City, tickets are now available at: Jesus Christ Good Shepherd Feeding Fellowship, Inc. (look for Sis. Kakai Ursus with mobile numbers 0918 583 2820 and 0916 131 9047 and landline (082) 300 6203.) and New World Travel Corp. at the second floor of Victoria Plaza (look for Ms Cyril or Romelyn with mobile numbers 0932 290 9111, 0905 444 7883 and 0950 637 4363 and landline numbers (082) 221-6351, and 221-6441 to 6442.)

The Israel-Philippine Festival (IPF) is a celebration through music and dance to highlight the enduring friendship between the countries of Israel and the Philippines in conjunction with the historic events that link the two nations.

This year marks Israel’s 70th year as an independent state declared through a United Nations vote in 1947, when the Philippines  delivered a tiebreaker vote.

Another historic act of kindness of the Philippines was when it became host to 1,300 European Jewish refugees in the pre-World War II escape from the Holocaust. Through the years, both nations have developed a relationship that surpasses diplomatic levels.

At the same time, Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, celebrates its 50th year of  liberation since 1967.

IPF 2017 also aims to increase and sustain the awareness that Israel is the nation of God’s chosen people whose culture preserves and promotes love and reverence for our Creator and how the Philippines is closely linked to Israel.