ACQ int’l children day is all set for April 25th

Sonshine Land, another name for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ  (KJC) compound in Davao City, is now ready for the biggest children’s birthday part in the country, the ACQ International Children’s Day  (ACQ-ICD). Running for the 12th year now, the big day is on April 25, which falls on the natal day of international evangelist, KJC Executive Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

The ACQ-ICD, which will be a whole-day event dedicated to the millions of poor children, will feature Disney Princesses, famous cartoon characters,  colorful and huge parade floats, the largest dance mob, free amusement rides, free unlimited food for children and adults, drinks and toys and surprises for kids.

The celebration will involve the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc,. an institution founded  by Pastor Quiboloy, to serve the interest and welfare of the country’s indigent children.

This is part of the realization of Pastor Quiboloy”s “covenant that when the Almighty Father blessed him, bulk of his humanitarian work will help uplift the suffering children in the country,”  saying that “once a child is  shown and experienced goodness, that goodness will stay in him forever.”

The grand celebration’s main character is Apollo, The Serpent Slayer. In the latest storybook of Pastor  Apollo’s life. This storybook aims to help children (and adults) understand his calling. Etched with illustrations, the book recalls the story in the Garden of Eden, explains the significance of Cross in Calvary, and now the relevance of Pastor Quiboloy’s training as he was isolated in the mountain for years.

The most awaited event is also the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc.’s “token of love to the thousands who benefited from CIJI’s scholarship, residential care,  home and countless other projects.”