Smart sparks love for storytelling via Batibot app

A number of students in Siargao, along with their parents, were recently introduced to the joy of storytelling enhanced by the fun and interactive Batibot app.

In a storytelling caravan organized by Smart Communications, Numancia Elementary School kindergarten and grade 1 students and parents discovered how the app could enhance learning via games and stories.

Created by Smart in partnership with the Community of Learners Foundation and developer OrangeFix, the Batibot app is the first educational app in the Filipino language that is aligned with the kindergarten curriculum of the Department of Education. It can be downloaded for free on Android devices.

During the caravan, parents were taught the importance of storytelling and how the Batibot app’s “Kuwentong Batibot” feature could nurture children’s love for this tradition.

Through games in the app, such as the Batibot classic “Alin ang Naiba?”, children in their formative years can also learn basic concepts like matching, sorting, and grouping. They are shown how to identify shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, and letter sounds. The children can also practice tracing letters with the proper strokes. (PR)