USeP joins research activity in Thailand

Dedicated to establish prominence in the international academic scene, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) participated in the research activities conducted by Suan Dusit University (SDU) in Bangkok, Thailand on November 1-5, 2017.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Shirley S. Villanueva, and College of Business and Governance (CGB) Dean, Dr. Edeliza S. Gonzales, participated as interviewees in the research entitled “Content and Trend of the Development and Pre-Working Training for Promoting the Competency, Capacity, and Ability in the Specific Area of Working of Workers in the ASEAN Countries.”

As part of the mutual exchange program between the two universities, Dr. Adora P. Zerrudo and Dr. Juselyn P. Hiponia also participated as research delegates in the activity.

Delegates from Laos, Vietnam, and Northern Philippines also attended the five-day research activity, which served as an avenue for USeP to widen its international networks. It also facilitated the exchange of knowledge between USeP and SDU on different fields, particularly on ASEAN industries and communities. (USeP PR)