Collection District XII records historic 2.8 billion collection surplus

The Port of Davao has recorded its highest annual collection surplus in its 90-year history during its 2017 collection year.

The Collection District XII (CD XII)—which includes the Port of Davao; and the Sub-Ports of Dadiangas, Parang and Mati—collected a total of 16,426,949,494.00 pesos. With its annual Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Funding (BESF) target set at 13,593,589,000.00 pesos, it has collected a surplus of 2,833,360,494.00 pesos or 20.84 percent of its target.

CD XII doubled its previous, highest surplus in the past five years which was in 2014 at 1,238,710,000.00 pesos. And compared to its collection in 2016, CD XII increased its surplus by fivefold. Its 2016’s annual surplus was 511,863,613.07 or 4.50 percent of its 11,374,671,017.00 pesos target.

Historically, the Port of Davao has been meeting and exceeding its target. And, District Collector Atty. Erastus Sandino B. Austria attributes the top-notch performance of the Port during the 2017 collection year to the dedicated personnel of the Port of Davao. Throughout the 2017 collection year, CD XII has invested in extensive trainings, seminars, and conferences for the professional development of its personnel.

Atty. Austria also recognizes the cooperation of the Port’s importers and exporters, and the assistance of its partners as additional reason for the Port’s success.

He adds that the Port of Davao will continue the same level of excellence into this year’s collection efforts.

In 2012, the Port collected a total of 5,910,175,341.42 with a surplus of 531,594,341.42 or 9.88 percent of its target. In 2013, it collected a total of 6,184,838,548.82 with a surplus of 459,770,548.82 or 8.03 percent of its target. In 2014, it collected a total of 8,925,540,000.00 with an excess of 1,238,710,000.00 or 16.11 percent of its target. In, 2015 it collected a total of 11,663,520,000.00 with a surplus of 962,350,000.00 or 8.99 percent of its target. And in 2016, it collected a total of 11,886,534,630.46 with a surplus of 511,863,613.07 or 4.50 percent of its target.

The Port of Davao strongly supports the Duterte administration’s campaign against corruption, and strongly focuses on increasing its revenue collection to support the 3.6-trillion-peso budget for the Build, Build, Build Infrastructure Program of the government.