What Pearl Farm has to offer in 2017

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is undeniably the best Resort in Mindanao. In fact, it is the only 5-star Resort in the entire region, acquired just in the year of 2016.

2016 is indeed a great year for Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Within the same year, the Resort won the most prestigious Awards a Hotel Resort could have, namely the Halal-Certified, ASEAN Green, PWD-Friendly Awards and the 5-star Rating Plaque.

Pearl Farm oozes the extravagance in designs and offers an extensive range of customer service for years. With the new management, it finally mustered up the confidence to tap Department of Tourism and got ready to receive whatever star rating it deserves- and it approvingly deserved the best.

Although it has been a year of transition for the resort, it rose above the challenges and commits to guarantee that the Guests’ stay is memorable and enjoyable. It jives on to be the crème of the crop.

2017 will be an exciting year for Pearl Farm as it continues to retain its standards in all aspects. Pearl Farm promises to add facilities. There may even be a new restaurant to serve both groups and individual travelers. It will still reciprocate the Mindanaoan Culture that it has been uniquely offering. To add, Pearl Farm is eyeing to accommodate more Guests without risking the exclusivity that they are paying. The events are also to look out for in the Resort; as rumors’ have it that one of the biggest events in the Philippines will be held in Pearl Farm as well.