METRO MOM: The Cupcake Chronicle

Metro Mom

For over a decade, before moving to Manila, mompreneur Larcy Diaz took Davao by storm with her tempting kitchen concoctions that helped shape Durianburg’s coffee culture. BluGré Coffee was born out the artistic skills of this culinary genius and the marketing expertise of Gatchi Gachalian. From iced blended drinks, frosted with a touch of local flavors, to indulgent and dreamy cakes, the café’s line of tasty confections secured their place in the heart of the food enthusiasts in this bustling social scene, even long after Larcy bid farewell to Davao.

Come year 2012, Larcy made waves once again with the opening of her new café in BF Homes in Parañaque, Metro Manila. She scored a perfect location along Aguirre Avenue, also known as a food strip chock-full of delis, restaurants, and bars. Larcys reigned as queen, being the only cupcakery café in the community.

While her menu also features all-day breakfast and savory dishes, the main attraction of her namesake café is the selection of decadent cupcakes of various flavors and toppings. The line snakes all the way to the door, and diners pose for pictures, proudly holding cupcakes in front of the camera. Larcys became a media darling story, with no less than TV and social networking sites as its main channels of exposure.

Just as any smart entrepreneur would do know, Larcy recognized that, while her café was already raking in continuous success, her business needed to evolve in order for it to grow and keep a competitive edge. Larcys’ avid fans and regulars patiently waited several months, holding back insatiable cravings, while the café underwent a face lift. The place reopened its doors just in time for its fourth year anniversary, welcoming food enthusiasts to its new and improved dining space.

To no one’s disappointment, the alterations in the overall mood and theme added elegance and pizzazz to the brand identity. Larcys now sports a rustic-minimalist aesthetic with natural light aplenty, wall decals, and refreshing bits of green from potted plants. The furnishings, such as the hanging lamps, wooden table and stools, also bring an air of industrial chic.

The fresh and sophisticated charm combined with its cupcake’s universal nostalgic appeal boosted the café’s popularity and brought in more customers. Alongside photos of its indulgent desserts, images of its homey interiors flood the social media feed. Not to forget its selection of breakfast staples and savory dishes, Larcys looks busier from morning to evening, be it on a weekday or weekend.

Asked a first-timer’s impression of the place, and she says, “The homey and relaxed ambiance make this a perfect place to commune and enjoy nibbles and good company.”

When in Manila, visit Larcys cupcakery café located along Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque. Follow and for more information and details.