The Millennial Mermaid: Storm chasers

Joven Sambade Jr. probably figuring out if he’s going to brave the current to get another wave or head back to the car.
Joven Sambade Jr. probably figuring out if he’s going to brave the current to get another wave or head back to the car.

I think that wave chasing surfers could also be your modern day storm chasers. Whenever there would be a storm for sure there would be waves. The kind of waves would also depend on the location.

The waves could be too big and powerful for surfing or it could be extremely windy. Too much wind breaks the waves and makes the ocean’s surface choppy. Not exactly ideal for riding waves.

During our crew’s stay in Dahican, the LPA just arrived and packed so much strength in the swell that the waves were powerful and huge. There was wind too. It was quite scary and risky to surf in this kind of storm swell.

With Joven’s longboard just recently broken, none of us wanted to risk boards just to be able to surf. The rest of the crew decided to go northeast of Dahican to check out the other spots and see if the conditions were surf-friendly.

I opted to stay behind in Dahican Surf Resort since my sister and father would be picking me up in the afternoon to head back to Davao for a few days. Besides, I knew my skills and my surfboard wouldn’t be having the best time of my life out in stormy waves. I would be heading back to meet with the crew before we headed off to Surigao del Sur.

Leaning quite on the extreme side of adventure, the rest of the crew drove off with all five surfboards on the top load of Joven’s car. Personally, I would not advice going out in storm weather unless you are extremely confident in your driving, swimming and surfing skills. Safety is top priority in everything!

On normal and sunny weather, the waves in Davao Oriental’s coast would be pristine and clear. The hard rain made the sea look brown and quite uninviting to surf on but seeing the waves that day, the crew didn’t hesitate one bit!

Taking out the boards and doing the best not to get the worst wipeout in not-so-ideal conditions, the crew went on ahead to go storm surfing. With strong currents and too much whitewash, the surf session didn’t last that long though but not until everybody was able to catch waves.

We called it a day and headed back to Dahican Surf Resort. The ride back home was also full of surprises with branches falling right in front. Plus the possibilities of landslides happening any minute, it was hair-raising to say the least but it was definitely one for the books.

So stay tuned for next week’s adventure in Surigao del Surf! For more stories, check out my blog: www.millennialmermaid.comavao Oriental.