METRO MOM: Inspired by Helen Co

Instagram is one of the happiest places on cyberspace. Everyday, snaps and squares from different parts of the globe paint a picture of beauty and joy through different shapes, shades, corners — powerful visuals which give a sense of clarity and calmness, and prove that, yes, there is a lot good in this world. Aside from its simplicity, friendly dynamics and shareability, Instagram has also “democratized” photography, both as art and hobby. It taps and feeds your inner creative, expressive, and mindful self, allowing you to create your own portfolio even with just the aid of a mobile device.

Your IG feed is the first thing people look at your profile. It’s reflects your personality, vibe and point of view in life. In a way, it creates your own online identity through the aesthetics or theme you showcase in terms of color, art direction and composition.

As Instagram has also become a way of connecting people, it is able to forge new relationships within the community through artistic collaborations and opportunities to share and learn from each other.

Last weekend, one followed and recommended Instagrammers in Davao City, Helen Co, partnered with FTU Creamery for a styling workshop dubbed as #inspiredbyhelenco, specially curated for those who are into mobile photography. With her penchant and deep love for playful juxtapositions of space, color and textures, Helen was able to give her online profile a follow-worthy identity that has inspired many. In the special session she conducted for eight ladies, she gave tips and insights on how to improve one’s Instagram game.

“I was too shy to conduct any kind of workshop, when Anna Santos, the owner of FTU Creamery, approached me for this partnership,” explains Helen. “But, eventually, I saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and share inspiration. Our world needs more of those — genuine relationships and positivity.”

“Basically, I taught the workshop participants about the basics in composition, how to create a story out of your photo simply by putting a few items together, plus some points on styling and how to add texture to your snap.”

“My main goal for this workshop is to inspire people to appreciate the beauty of life, find joy even in the mundane, and channel the inner artist in them.”

Sign up for the next mobile photography workshop by Helen Co, scheduled on March 11, in partnership with SOUL Kitchen Co. and Think Up. For more details, follow @soulkitchenco on Instagram.