METRO MOM: Art and coffee collective

A new latte hub located within Davao City’s bustling food district is sparking the interest of art and coffee enthusiasts. Born out of a creative collaboration among cousins, Spark Coffee + Crafts takes its charm and appeal from a combination of creative and functional space, stimulating atmosphere and coffee aroma, its noteworthy art corner, as well as unique food and beverage selections.

“All five of us have lived in Japan for a certain period in our lives, and all the culture and scenes we experienced and witnessed there became our inspiration in putting together this coffee shop,” says part-owner Karina Melissa Cadiogan, who is also the café’s Social Media and Marketing Manager. “We were greatly influenced by the Japanese minimalist lifestyle and aesthetics. Inside our café, you will see the walls awash with white and the whole space displaying clean lines and neutral tones.”

The Japanese influence is also evident in their menu. Match lovers are sure to enjoy a number of varieties available in the selection, from brews to refreshing sips and filling treats. “The menu is very straightforward,” explains Karina. “We offer sandwiches, waffles, freakshakes and lasagna. One of our bestsellers if the Spark Sandwich — which is composed of beef tenderloin tips and caramelized onions in between a pair of ciabatta bread, and topped with melted cheese, special sauce and fried egg. Our regular customers also love our Frenchees (deep-fried cheese sandwich), Matcha Freakshake and Iced Caramel Macchiato.”

Karina is happy to share this new venture with her sister, Katrina Munar, and cousins John Lawrence Galang, Kenji Caday, and Jimmu Yoshida. “All of us handle different responsibilities. John is our star barista and he oversees daily operations. Kenji is head of procurement and logistics, while Jimmu is our culinary head. My sister, Katrina, assists Jimmu in managing the commissary and she is also in charge of sourcing craft and art materials which we sell at the café.”
“My sister and I have always wanted to have our own physical store, since we started selling Japanese craft materials and stationeries online, maybe about two years ago. Opportunity came with the opening of Sparks Coffee + Crafts, wherein we have our own little craft corner brimming with unique and limited finds.”

“Not only do we sell art materials here, we also feature one local artist every month,” Karina adds. “We have a steel rack in one corner, which we use to display paintings, photos, crafts and other artworks. We want to tap on the creativity of our customers. Our service philosophy is to satisfy not only the tummy and coffee cravings, but also to fill everyone’s appetite and enthusiasm for art.”

Spark Coffee + Crafts is located at Paseo Uno Bldg. along Ruby St., Marfori Heights, Davao City. For reservations or inquiries on event packages, email You may also follow and @sparkdvo on Instagram for more photos and information.