URBANISSIMO: The purrfect escape Purr Box Cafe

urbanissmo by kenneth irving ongPet lovers can typically be classified as dog people and cat people. Dog people tend to be active and up-and-about while cat people tend to be the ones who prefer to chill and relax. It was with the idea of chilling out and de-stressing that Durianburg’s first and only cat cafe was opened.

Located along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Purr Box Cafe is the ultimate place to be for cat lovers who need to find supplies for their own feline companions at home. Purr Box is a cat lovers dream offering the widest choices of cat food, cat supplies, as well as a great variety of cat toys. There are also cat-themed home and fashion accessories which one can purchase.

Of course the cafe is also made for humans in mind, offering sandwiches, cakes, cookies, coffee and frappes. I would recommend trying their matcha frappe which is slightly sweet with real matcha earthiness. Their curry chicken sandwich served with potato chips is also a good and healthy meal for those who want to skip dessert.

The real stars of Purr Box however are the many breeds of cats at the cafe’s second level playroom. After storing ones shoes, one can proceed to the upper floor playroom to interact and play with the cats. From Persians, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, British Shorthair and even a rare Sphinx, the area is a fun and interactive way for urbanites to say goodbye to stress. I fell in love with the cafe’s resident Munchkin, Pablo, whose black and white tuxedo markings and adorable short stumpy legs made him stand out.

Although it is not allowed to reach out and carry the cats, it is ok to pet and play with the cats, especially when they choose to approach you. I would also advise people who are allergic to animal hair against going into the playroom as cats do shed. Younger kids below eight are also not advised to enter the room, but at least the air conditioned room is enclosed in glass and you can see the cats even from outside the playroom.

Playing with the cats at the Purr Box Cafe during my last visit really took away the stress and is truly time well spent on a sweet and relaxing escape.

Purr Box Cafe is located along J.P. Laurel Avenue just a little after Palma Gil Street.