THE ROYAL CHEF: Pin it! Edible Christmas gift ideas

It all boils down to the single most decent thing we can give one another come the holidays. Many fail to realise but a simple act of kindness is enough to make the heart go thumbing a gazillion times than usual. For one, material things lasts for a long time, yes, but at the end of the day, it’s not the amount or the fanciest of gifts that you can give that matters — it’s knowing the person whom you are gifting to. And on my no-fail-gift list always includes the gustatory senses.

Edible gifts has always been around. From tins of homemade goodies to store bought aesthetically arranged munchies, food, as a gift, is always a welcome treat. And before we say goodbye to the best remaining days of 2017, let’s create some inexpensive edible gifts perfect for anyone on your list. These things need not be branded. It’s you being able to remember what they like that would make this extra special. It’s the little things all throughout the year that matters. True, it pays to be an observant.

Coffee-holic friend

Grab some coffee packs — if your friend loves a particular brand, then hoard on those. Get some skewers and tape them at the back of each coffee pack. Rummage through your piles and grab a basket or anything of sort that you do not use. Pile ‘em and add personalised touches to make it even more special.

Want a homemade coffee-holic gift? Grab a mug, coffee filter and coffee dripper and wrap it! This not only makes for a sosyal gift but more so, a gift that will have your recipient smiling from ear to ear.

Choco lover Officemate

Who doesn’t have a friend that cannot seem to live without a chocolate in sight? This can either be placed in a vase or as a bouquet. Mix and match your friend’s faves and make sure that the loot is full. No need to buy the fancy ones, just the ones that your friend enjoys munching on.

Thematic Friend

My friends love particular cartoon characters and holidays. For my halloween lovin’ friend, I wanted to create something that will remind her of her fave holiday. Not that I excel in DIY 411, so I made the most out of what I have at home. I opted to create a cauldron like vase and added her fave peanut-chocolate pieces. The ring on the outside is made of mini chocolate balls formed to look like a wreath of sort.

English Tea, please!

My mom loves tea. She fancies them on a daily basis. Instead of just giving her a box, I wanted to make sure she’ll always remember my gift. So I ended with a basketful of tea packets perfect for her cravings. Up your A game with some washi tapes and decorate to suit the holidays.

Want to make it even more special? What pairs well with tea? Biscuits. Add some pieces of biscuits to elevate your tea basket. I prefer those packed individually (biscoff singles is one that I prefer). Or you could always add some chocs for that added sugar kick.

For my latest food finds, follow me on Instagram @iamleebai and Facebook @theroyalchefeats. Happy munching, royalistas!