URBANISSMO: A Filipino Christmas feast

urbanissmo by kenneth irving ongFor Filipinos, Christmas is a time of plenty when parties, drinking, and of course good food. And while there are many restaurants to choose from for the holiday season, there is nothing more comforting than to have great tasting Filipino food.

This signature warmth and comfort of southern hospitality is what inspired the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao to offer a special Filipino holiday feast for the season and I was one of the lucky few to have a preview of Cafe Uno’s holiday lunch buffet.

For the entire month of December, Waterfront Insular Davao’s buffet restaurant Cafe Uno partners up with the dynamic culinary team of Chef Roland and Jackie Laudico to create a unique spread of familiar Filipino dishes as well as new twists to classic Filipino flavors.

Some notable dishes are the Filipino-style sushi (Chef Lau’s version of raw tuna and salmon slices on sushi rice but topped with green papaya salad and smoked fish), Hardinera (an Ilocano-style meatloaf with pineapples),  and the Rellenong Manok. The entrees were completed with a whole roast turkey as well as home-made holiday ham.

Chef Jackie showcased her mastery of dessert as she prepared Fruitcake-style Biko and a delicious Biko Pannacotta which I must say was my favourite dessert of the meal.

Christmas in the Philippines is definitely festive and to celebrate it with comforting Filipino food is literally the icing on top of the cake.

The Holiday Lunch Buffet is available at Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Cafe Uno and is priced at Php750 nett per person. For reservations or inquiries, you may call them at (082) 233 2881 to 83.

Happy eating for the holidays!


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