URBANISSMO: All things Japanese

urbanissmo by kenneth irving ongWe all love Japanese products, from their well thought out functions, to its cute and quirky design, to its uniquely Japanese way of solving day-to-day chores, Japanese products are always an interesting and fun buy and this is why I am so excited with the opening of the first Tokutokuya store at the fourth level of the Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Tokutokuya, which literally translates to “for the benefit of everyone”, is a popular 100-yen shop operated by EASY LIMITED Co., Ltd. (ECI) in Japan as well as various other countries in the world. Inside each store one can find a wide selection of products ranging from daily goods to food, cosmetics, pet supplies, hardware, home, décor and traditional Japanese arts and, crafts at amazingly low prices to satisfy its customers.

Although 100-yen shop concepts are not a new thing in Durianburg, Tokutokuya is a unique experience as it not only offers home goods, cosmetics, stationary and handicrafts, but it also has a wide selection of Japanese food, condiments, snacks, sweet treats, juices and even Japanese beers all at affordable prices.

Although the store is already operating since September 25, a simple opening ceremony was held last December 10 and was attended by ECI’s CEO Masayuki Matsumoto and local Philippine partner Kelvin Gaisano together with some bloggers and lifestyle writers.

“This is out first store in the Philippines and we are planning to add another store this December 16 at the Gaisano Mall of Digos.” said Kelvin, “there are also more stores in the pipeline and we expect them to be open soon next year.”

When asked what items Dabawenyos have a fancy for so far, Kelvin revealed that Tokutokuya’s many office table organising items and plastic wares more fairly quickly, as well as the food items. “We were surprised that the ramen and many of the food items moved fast and we had to re-order again quickly to replenish our stocks.”

Personally, I find exploring the different sections and aisles of Tokutokuya fascinating, finding useful items such as cleaning wipes and dehumidifying agents for homes, as well as gadgets for moms to create the perfect bento box for the kids. Crafters will love the wide selection of stationary as well as decorative knickknacks and decorative paper, while those into home improvement will love the garden aides as well as various ways to improve or decorate your home. There is even a character aisle where one can find original licensed Hello Kitty and Disney items, from table napkins, to paper plates, toothbrushes and even cups and all at an affordable price.

“We want to give shoppers great value whenever they visit Tokutokuya,” shared Kelvin “if you explore the stores aisles, you are sure to find a good deal everywhere you look.”