URBANISSMO: The kids finally came home

urbanissmo by kenneth irving ongIt was a landmark event of sorts as the alumni of Philippine Science High School – Southern Mindanao Campus (PSHS-SMC) held their first Grand Alumni Homecoming last December 28 at the SMX Convention Center hosted by the graduates of 1992.

Fondly called the “Pioneers”, the class of 1992 were the first students of Pisay (as how the students called Philippine Science High School) when it first opened its doors in June of 1988. Of course what is an alumni homecoming without the other batches attending and supporting the event. Being a graduate also of the school in 1995, it was amazing to finally see again the “kuyas” and “ates” who helped make high school life a fun and learning experience.

The program started in earnest with a short dance presentation followed by a music video featuring the members of the hosting batch and their families. It was amazing how they put together the music video with many of their members still scattered around the world at that time.

Passing on the torch from Batch ‘92 to Batch ‘93.

Aside from the partying and catching-up between classmates and batches, the evening also allowed the alumni to touch base with the school and the teachers who have moulded us as the teachers who were present were recognised by the hosting batch.

In her speech, PSHS-SMC director Dr. Delia C. Legaspino announced the establishment of the PSHS-SMC Most Outstanding Alumni Awards to honour the outstanding works of the school’s alumni. She also took the opportunity to announce this year’s nominees.

The homecoming ended with the passing of the torch from Batch ’92 to Batch ’93 as well as a roaring rendition of the school hymn, bringing the smart kids back to the place where their wings were honed to fly high, far, and wide.

With my batchmates.
The school hymn brought back memories of high school .
The dancefloor was full.
Batch president Clint Navales (right) and Maldita host the event.
A tribute was given to the teachers who were at the homecoming.