THE ROYAL CHEF: Kloser to the streets

In other places, trailer parks are but normal sights. Even before the upsurge of food trucks, that is. Aside from being economically and financially cheap (specially for startups), converted trailers into business and gastronomic dining places are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Admit it, their presence gives a very modern and rustic feel to any place.

In Davao, though the number of converted trailers are not as prevalent as in other places, it has slowly been taking over parts of our streets. The opening of a legit trailer park in downtown Davao is a positive testimony to how we are slowly embracing the many options thrown at us —especially for business owners.

One such dining place in the city opted to embrace the many beautiful purpose of a trailer. Converted into a modern day resto, you’d feel closer to the streets when dining.

Kargo is an experience more than just a foodie destination. Street side gustatory experience. The glass side facing the street adds a layer of excitement as you take a bite. It has that mysterious vibe — especially with the number of tinted cars passing by. Not knowing whether they are looking at you or your food. Or both.

Kargo sounds globally pinoy. True. And their menu is all that — very global with Pinoy flavours. Fusion, yes, and adjusted to the local palate. Is this a good thing? It depends on your craving.

They have the usual menu items you’d expect from a dinner type resto — pasta, chicken, fried faves and anything with rice on it. Their menu is not complicated. In truth, it’s an easy read as they provided descriptions for the dishes. Not only that, the dishes they have are reasonably priced and comes in big servings.

A best seller is their humongous Burri-Sushi — a fusion between the burrito and the sushi. It has everything you need to be busog. This dish has been crafted in a way that you get to taste the bold flavours of the burrito with the subtle, delicate taste of sushi without overpowering one another.

Their pasta choices are limited but not limited in taste. They have their own take on three of the most favoured pasta dishes in the world — the classic pomodoro, everyone’s go-to aglio olio and Pinoy’s creamy carbonara.

Pasta proved best for sharing. Taste wise, they were well-seasoned and cooked just right. Like their plate of crispy fried onion rings, well-seasoned but a bit too crunchy. Other than that, the rings were okay.

Also on their menu are Rice Bowls (Kargo Chops, Braised Beef Cuts) and Kargo Meals that includes Buffalo Wings and the MVP Curry.

Kargo is very casual and embraces the on-the-go concept of filling the tummy. With its price point, it’s actually pretty decent — the serving is big, flavours are great and the location adds excitement as you take a bite every single time. It’s not complicated nor is it intimidating. I personally like that it’s not pretentious and does not try to imitate big flavours. It’s just fun eating and dining.

Kargo is located at  1050 Emilio Jacinto Extension, Davao City.

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