THE ROYAL CHEF: Flavours of memory lane

Most often, we find comfort in the most minute of things — the familiarity, sensical attachment and memories associated is what makes anything comfortable. Of course, that includes food. And that is what makes it even more exciting — treating your palate to a memory triggering taste that will take you to memory lane in an instant.

Take Picobello Ristorante Italian. This has been around for years. Flocked and loved by many, this Italian gem of a dining restaurant has the magnificent flavours of Italy on their repertoire of dishes down to a T. And their menu is not at all complicated — it’s simple yet has that blatantly subtle effect to make you anticipate in an instant.

Used to be located inside a mall at heart of the city, their transfer to a bigger space proved to be a positive one. Now, everyone can come in, take a breather and enjoy their sumptuous dishes without having to wait for a table. What’s more, the added al-fresco dining overlooking the streets and wonderful houses across is but a pleasant scene to see.

Of course, Picobello has, is and will always be known for their pizza. Thin crust and generously topped, theirs are all handmade and cooked in a pugon. Wood fired oven, that is. The chargrilled effect intensifies the taste of the crust itself and of course, the toppings. Also, its aroma never fails to entice the senses. Personally, pizza cooked inside a pugon is the only pizza. No more, no less.

From the most basic of pizza toppings to the meatiest of them all, Picobello’s pizza selection has everything you need that will take you to the streets of Italy in an instant. Keep it simple with the bold and nude flavours of Margherita. Go take a plunge with the flavours of the sea with their pizza Del Marinaio.  Stuffed pizza? Calzone is the only way to go. In the mood for Italian sausage, pepperoni and salami? If yes, then take a bite off their pizza Al Salsiccie.

Pasta is also a must at Picobello. Let your palates indulge on a plate of al dente pasta all day long. Their selection includes Fettuccine Carbonara, Linguine Aglio Olio, Lasagne and my personal favourite, Ravioli.

Also on their menu are appetizers, risotto, steaks and chops and a delectable array of mains — ranging from salmon to shrimps to chicken. And of course, dessert — tiramisu is love — to cap your Italian palate adventure.

TRC Speaks: Picobello has always been a staple during my college days.  The familiarity and comfort is but inevitable. Their menu, just like before, is just as fascinating as the taste of their buy 1, take 1 pizza (at that time). Years and a new location after, they are still the same. You still taste Italy in every bite. Oh and yes, the ravioli has, is and will always be a favourite!

Picobello Ristorante Italian is located at 2F, The Shoppes at Woodlane, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City

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Happy eating, royalistas!