The beauty of Nature at The Farm at Carpenter Hill

Your curiosity ends where your enchantment begins — this is The Farm at Carpenter Hill’s promise. A promise that has kept them busy since they first opened their majestic garden resort to the public.

Gaining popularity as a high-end venue with world-class amenities, The Farm is truly one of the most beautiful leisure places in the city. In Mindanao, even. Located some six kilometers away from Koronadal’s city proper, The Farm is a sprawling 11 hectare garden acquired in 1990 and was later on transformed into the place it is today.

By 2005 (14 September), it was still known as ‘Uma’ and sometimes, Ace Farm. Eventually, The Farm at Carpenter Hill. The name maintains the rural feel and at the same time, specifying its location. Carpenter Hill is a barangay in Koronadal.

Being a typical agricultural land, it was occasionally used as venue for small family picnics and a place for weekend family bonding. It never had amenities and other facilities then –not even a comfort room was available.

It was in 2004 when the first architectural structure was erected. The Grand Gazebo, a huge hexagonal building of natural stone and wood, was built with Japanese design influences. The Grand Gazebo has a capacity of at least 1,000 guests.

Adjacent to the gazebo is a koi pond with cascading waters. Due to its size, the pond has an islet with a modern Asian hut with an extoic looking stone bridge connecting to the main area.

Slowly, architectural buildings spawned the vast area to accommodate guests and events. Of which, the Japanese Hall and Bonsai Garden, showcasing well-crafted bonsai trees, were erected to cater to corporate or private events, and even for romantic wedding rites.

Sticking to their zen theme, the Japanese Village was constructed to replicate a private sanctuary. Three duplexes were built, each with its own fenced private garden and terrace. Nearby, the Koi Hut was constructed as the breakfast area for hotel guests and may be booked for small gatherings.

Of course, it won’t be complete without a restaurant, right? At first, the management worked with its sister company — Ace Centerpoint — to cater to their events. However, they decided to add a commissary located near the gazebo.

Nowadays, The Aviary Bar and Cafe provides for the bountiful feast at The Farm. Surrounded by cages of colorful birds and pigeons, the said aviary has a covered hall and an al fresco dining area.

With The Farm gaining popularity, bookings increased tremendously — a dormitory complex was erected. The Palms Residence Hall is a cluster of eight dorm-type rooms named after the palm tree planted in front of it.

Next came their 22 room hotel, The Courtyard Hotel, that has become the home of choice for locals and guests alike.

Within four years, The Farm has transformed from a boring land to an unpretentiously elegant venue for events.

They have the fully air-conditioned The Farm Convention Centre perfect for events and can accommodate up to 500 guests.

Also, The Goathouse which used to be an animal shelter that has since been renovated and transformed into a cozy function hall. The Goathouse can accommodate up to 100 guests.

If you are looking for grandeur then their Grand Fiesta Hall is what you need. The biggest of their facility, it can host a banquet of up to 1,500 guests and can easily double its capacity in a theater-type set-up.

For guests who simply want a leisure trip, a stroll around The Farm is a visual feast in itself. There are ponds and garden, playground provided for kids, a butterfly garden and a plant nursery that features a wide collection of ornamentals and exotic plants.

Indeed, The Farm at Carpenter Hill is more than just a venue; The Farm at Carpenter Hill is a tourism destination on its own. At The Farm, there will always be something new. Always a reason to celebrate.

For inquiries and reservations, you may call them at (083)228-1888 or 09189-210-425 / 0917-726-0721 / 0945-146-7335. Email address at They are also on Facebook.