THE ROYAL CHEF: See food diet with seafood

February. The heartiest month of the year — and the sweetest too. The very month that never fails to make the heart skip a million beat at once. Yup, February is all about love, love and more love. And also, all about food, food and more food.

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao is more than just a getaway for the soul. It too is a best destination for feeding the soul. Offering a plethora of dining places, you’d never ran out of choices here. What’s more, every dining place has their own best seller that you won’t find elsewhere. Case in point: La Parilla Restaurant.

Dining al fresco style, not only do you get to sample a smorgasbord of flavours but also enjoy the kisses from the wind and tight embrace from nature all around. And with their Feast From The Sea Dinner Buffet, it’s but a great reason to indulge on a mid-week and enjoy a sumptuous spread of anything seafood.

Waterfront’s seafood extravaganza features the many compelling flavours and blends of Asia. With designated stations, you are sure to taste and enjoy a variation of taste and textures that’ll instantly remind you of the sea. Manning the kitchen is Executive Chef Bienvenido Chavez.

Start your journey with an assortment of maki’s and nigiri choices from the sashimi station. Appetizers include Filipino ceviche (kilawin), prawns salad and shrimp cocktail with fresh, crunchy greens. Also available are their homemade breads and rolls.

How to perfectly enjoy the many delectable offering of Poseidon? Grilled, of course. At their grilling station, you can choose from an assortment of the freshest harvest you could ever lay your eyes on. Available are blue crabs, blue marlin, squid, shrimps, tuna belly, tanigue, bagaybay, tilapia and so much more. With or without the typical Pinoy sawsawan, you’d surely end up with a happy tummy.

Craving for a burst of sea goodness? Feast on steamed lapu-lapu in sesame ginger sauce, fried fish with black bean sauce, mixed seafood bicol express and sweet chili crab. Also don’t forget to feed your soul with some seafood paella lovin’.

Asian flavour invasion on your palate? Head straight to their Japanese Station and have your fix of tempura cooked on the spot. On another level of deliciousness, grab some baked mussels with cheese and thank me later.

They also have a Chinese Station that features the delicate flavours of steamed seafood siomai and baked whole fish in beurre blanc (white butter).

Of course, any meal won’t be complete without dessert. And nothing beats our very own selection of kakanin — biko, suman, cassava cake, binignit, ube turon and the classic, turon de langka.

Aside from their Feast from the Sea, Waterfront, for this year, takes interest into aligning its directives to seize opportunities from growing target markets. Of which a Halal certification and much anticipated Halal restaurant is in the works. Insha’Allah.

Personally, this is the greatest. And with Executive Chef Bienvenido Chavez’s vast knowledge in Middle Eastern cooking, reuniting with my favourite Palestinian, Yemen and Arab dishes need not be just a throwback on my phone.

Feast from the Sea Dinner Buffet at the La Parilla Restaurant is available every Wednesday and Sunday beginning January 17 2018 until March 28 2018. Service starts at 6pm to 11pm.

La Parilla Restaurant is located at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao.

TRC Speaks: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Waterfront’s La Parilla restaurant is but the perfect getaway — specially for non-pork eaters like me. Their vast spread of seafood goodness is enough reason to have you in a gustatory frenzy. Not to mention, the picturesque landscape and sea as your witness as you savour every bite.

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Happy eating, royalistas!