THE ROYAL CHEF: When flavour and comfort meet

Filipino cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. With more or less 135 distinct tribes located all over the archipelago, it’s no wonder that Filipino cuisine’s taste and depth of flavour is very much reflective of the life, culture and tradition of the people in general. Despite the diversity, one thing is prevalent —  Filipino cuisine is truly comfort beyond comfort.

Like the rest, Filipino cuisine has had its fair share of makeovers. Nonetheless, we still long for the naked taste of the dish that makes us crave even while we are eating. And this is what Pueblo’s Cafe is.

Tucked outside of the city’s vibrant metropolis, Pueblo’s Cafe is a definite restaurant to visit. Opening their doors to the public last January 18, this beautiful cafe is one more reason why Filipino cuisine is truly a most comfortable cuisine to the mind, body and soul.  Not only true for locals but to everyone who’ve tasted the many dishes that we have.

At a glance, Pueblo’s Cafe does not look the part. You won’t see any trace of our tradition or culture. Even the loud colors are not present. It’s very classic yet has that modern feel to it. The play of black and white all around makes it even more mysterious. One would think of a cafe serving pastries of colors, shapes and flavours. Lo and behold, it’s very Pinoy to the core.

Paying homage after his mom’s maiden name, Citoy Misa opted for a restaurant that’s as homey as you can ever get. It’s like coming home and expecting a delish spread of Filipino food on the table. At Pueblo’s Cafe, that’s how it is…every single time.

Their menu is downright Filipino. From local faves to childhood staples, you’d be delighted of the many reminiscent flavours they have on their menu. Every recipe on their menu has their own story to tell. Of which, recipes handed down to them were used to make the experience even more memorable. To an extent, it feels like you are part of the family.

Of the many dishes available, one must not fail to try their soulful Beef Kare-kare (the bagoong on the side has a world of its own!) and nibble on some of their pritong manok that’s served whole. The crunch is inevitable, more so is the tender meat on the inside. For that lokalista kick, it is a sin to forego their cup of thick sikwate and homemade suman. The cuppa of chocolate is the next best thing to Mary Grace’s cuppa.

That’s not all. With such a deep and flavorful repertoire, you’d surely not think that the person behind these amazing dishes is a millennial chef whose passion is perfecting the many delish Filipino dishes we have. Chef Leeland Pajo and Citoy collaborated on the menu. Like the restaurant itself, the diversity and broadness of their experience greatly contributed to what Pueblo’s Cafe is today.

Pueblo’s Cafe is located at B8&B9, The Crest, Robinsons Highlands, Diversion Road, Davao City

TRC Speaks: Hidden, picture perfect and of course, their kare-kare is beyond delish! The cafe itself is simple yet very classy and elegant. I love that it’s not intimidating and has that air of mystery specially with their menu. Who would have thought that their menu is all pinoy? right? I am so looking forward to the transformation on the upper deck. Indeed, this is somewhere I’d keep coming back to.

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