Damosa Land: Onward and forward

The real estate and property development scene has been stronger than ever. Not only in the country, property investment is at its peak especially to those who are looking for an investment opportunity for their future. With the many options presented, all you need is to make the most decent decision and know where to put your money at.

2017 proved to be a most exciting year for homegrown real estate company, Damosa Land Inc (DLI). Not only were its targets reached, it also added more to its roster of accomplishments — commercial, industrial and agricultural properties, to say the least. Not to mention, the numerous nominations and citations given by award winning organizations to cap off 2017.

“2018 will be an exciting year for the company. Not only are we excited to share updates on our existing projects. We are also excited to launch two new projects for 2018”, Damosa Land Inc Vice President Ricardo F. Lagdameo said.

Are you looking for a home to call your own? Damosa Land’s maiden development, Damosa Fairlane, is a mid-century themed subdivision that is already 80% complete in terms of construction for its 1st and 2nd phases. Development for its 3rd phase has also been completed and is awaiting construction.

If condominium is your cup of tea, then DLI’s first vertical resort-themed condominium in Sasa Onse is the one for you. Seawind Condominium is preparing to welcome residents for their Tower 2 and is on the process of completing their next two towers. To date, they have turned over 106 Seawind units to their owners. Turn over is still ongoing for the remaining Tower 1 unit owners.

Indeed, commerce on this side of the city is truly booming. With 2017’s clamour for food exhibits, the Damosa Food Fest was born. Launched in the summer of 2017, it has become a most sought after event with a 15,000 attendees food traffic to date.

Located also at the Damosa IT Park is Regus — known for providing flexible workspaces — that reached a 96% occupancy rate last 2017. This is their first center in Mindanao and operates in partnership with Damosa Land.

Anflo Industrial Estate (AIEC) is DLI’s rising industrial park in Panabo city. This 63 hectare self-sustaining ecozone, after opening its third warehouse to locators during the first quarter of last year, celebrated the first export shipment of PhilDutch Polymer (its first locator; a Filipino-Dutch plastic manufacturer).

Last year was truly a most exciting year for DLI. The internationally prestigious 5th Annual PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards 2017 gave awards to Damosa Land for its two residential developments last May 4,2017.

DLI earned the Best Residential Development in Davao for their first ever venture into residential development, the Damosa Fairlane. The same was also highly commended for Best Residential Landscape Architectural Design.

On the other hand, DLI’s 6 tower condominium venture, Seawind, took home a Highly Commended Award under the Best Residential Development in the Davao Category.

Not only for its properties, 2017 also saw numerous citations received by its Vice President Ricardo ‘Cary’ Lagdameo. He was nominated for his exemplary approach to his contribution to the economic development of the country for the Injap Sia Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (ISOYEA) during the 43rd Philippine Business Conference of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (October 2017).

DLI VP Lagdameo was also commended during the SGV Foundation Inc’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. He was among the finalists, alongside 19 other industry entrepreneurs.

2018 Onward

From 2017 to 2018, the path seems clear for this award winning homegrown developer. As mentioned, they are launching two exciting projects to add to their roster. Introducing Agriya and Bridgeport Seaside Leisure Township.

Agriya is DLI’s 88-hectare master planned township development project in Panabo City. It features residential villages, commercial arcade, institutional-zoned area and an agro tourism component.

Pegged as an Agropolis, one of its features is an experimental learning playground, the Naturetainment, that will be introduced this 2018.

On the other hand, Bridgeport is, according to VP Lagdameo, a masterplan mixed-use development project located in Caliclic, Babak District, IGACOS. “It is not just a resort; It is a mixed-use community”, Lagdameo emphasized.

This 12-hectare seaside leisure township project property is designed to have medium rise condominium parks, open lots, hotel and resort, commercial component and a marina.

DLI envisioned a project that gives its clients the privilege of a vacation home designed away from the bustling streets of the city. Further, it seeks to establish a strong link between two cities across the Pakiputan Strait — that of business and privacy link.

Bridgeport is to have four condominiums with two phases (300 units for 1 and two-bedroom units), a 20 boat capacity marina that will eventually expand to 50 and commercial components including restaurants. Of which, priority is given to local and homegrown companies to help further the development and completion of said project.

Indeed, it does not take a genius to know the difference between a need and a want. With its onward and forward plan to help you live the life that you have always wanted, you will truly never go wrong with Damosa Land.