THE MILLENNIAL MERMAID: Single and available?

ways to feel the love this Valentine’s

It’s a commercial holiday, I know. Actually, it’s not even a holiday in the sense that we’re all at our offices. If it were a legitimate holiday, we should be either happily snuggled in our bed or off to another adventure outside the city borders.

Last week, we talked about the top romantic places for adventurers like us. I know it was a pretty biased piece because I wrote that for the people that had relationships or a partner to share tomorrow with or the long weekend that is Chinese New Year X Valentine’s.

Although if you read last week’s story again, you’d notice that any place you’d go, whether with or without a date, is romantic in itself. Nature and creation is the greatest romance that our eyes have laid upon so whether single or in a relationship, it’s sure to take our breath away.

Then again, not all of us are planning to celebrate the way society would have us tomorrow or this weekend but then again, who needs a date when you can do all these things with your squad or yourself?

What I love about this list is that you don’t need an expensive getaway to some island paradise of your dreams. You can easily do it where you are, whether you’re in the city or outside. Not all of us have time and quite frankly, most of us would rather use the extra time to get that well-needed and well-deserved beauty rest.

But if you’re like me who gets rejuvenated by enjoying a new scenery whether it’s looking at the ocean or a new image of yourself, these five tips will surely help you figure out how to maximize this long weekend.

After a gruelling 4 hours in the salon with Shaad of Coiff It Up

Number 1 – Get a makeover

Both guys and gals need this even the least girly girl needs a sprucing up once in a while. Get your squad to go do a beauty session with you or if you prefer this as a “me time” then it’s a perfect opportunity to finish reading that book from last year while you lose track of time in the salon.

There’s no need for a huge makeover or even plastic surgery (uh no!). Even a simple haircut or a new hair color can brighten up your look and make you feel better about yourself. These days we all got to love ourselves a little bit more and allowing yourself to get pampered once in awhile is something we deserve – millennial or not.

For my mermaids and beach bums, getting our hair colored is always a struggle. Sometimes, it’s not always the latest style or shade that would suit us and our lifestyle. My hairdresser Shaad Maulana of Coiff It Up Salon, would always recommend getting a cut and color that both fits your personality and lifestyle. Don’t choose one just because it’s the latest trend.

“Own your style!” He would always say.

It would be nice to get really light blonde or go gray since it’s the trend now but if you spend most of your time out in the sun and in the water (ocean or pool), your hair is going to get even lighter so he recommends a darker shade to start. Oh, and moisturize and moisturize – both your skin and hair.

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Number 2 – Treat your skin.

In case you forgot, our skin is our largest organ. It’s also the most exposed and it’s the first thing people would notice up close. While I had the blessing of being acne-free during my pre-teen years, hormones change and sometimes genes kick in and our skin isn’t the same as it used to be.

I used to think that going to the dermatologist is a luxury and purely for aesthetic. I was so wrong. It’s like going to the salon – your skin needs maintenance just like your hair does. Not to mention our hair is also partly made up of skin (keratin and dead skin cells to be exact).

Once in awhile, a check-up to the dermatologist is in order especially when you feel that your skin has a problem. It could be skin that’s too dry or too oily. Maybe it could be that you’re starting to see pimples that never used to be existent, now that’s definitely a red flag.

Don’t just prick them and pray they’d go away.