URBANISSMO: A royal welcome for the Year of the Dog

urbanissmo by kenneth irving ongThe Royal Mandaya Hotel welcomed the Year of the Dog on the evening of February 16 with fanfare and excitement as the hotel hosted an exciting traditional lion dance at its lobby as well as around the hotel premises.

Aside from the performance by the Kim Ling Kungfu Lion-Dragon Dance Troupe, dinners at the Royal mandaya Hotel’s Kamayo Cafe were treated to a traditional Chinese dance by the Sinagila Dance Artists.

Since the new year is all about luck and prosperity, guests were given a chance to write and hang their good wishes onto the hotel’s fortune wall, with some lucky wishes coming true immediately that evening as two lucky diners went home with gift certificates for lunch or dinner for two at the Kamayo Cafe and one winner of an overnight stay at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

The evening was truly a royal treat to welcome the Year of the Dog. Gong Xi Fa Cai!