JCI Cotabato: Reaching Out to the Society

It was never about fame or popularity, it was about helping others go beyond their comfort zone. It was about embracing the uncertainty of life that motivates the self to accept that there truly is no finality in life. Only a legacy that will live on.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines has been a most active organization in the country and the world over. Known as JCI, it is a worldwide membership-based non-profit organization of young active citizen ages 18 to 40. From both prime extremities, JCI aims for global recognition in terms of leadership.

JCI in the Philippines has been spearheading advocacies and community services that has helped more individuals all throughout the years. From community based livelihood programs to skills development activities to wellness and self-growth trainings, JCI urges individuals to hone their innate talents and skills in order to make informed decisions and take action.

1949, Cotabato City. Davao Jaycees Ramon Morada introduced JCI in the city. Eventually, an organization was born and was formally presented on August 13,1949 by then National President Ramon del Rosario in Davao City.

Fast forward to today, JCI Cotabato’s cultivation produced citizens that developed, honed and cultivated their leadership abilities (on a global scale) that has, in turn,greatly influenced their social life and that of others. With this, JCI Cotabato, through the initiative of 2018 President-elect Monaliza Lidasan-Abdul, aims to adhere to an organization that is moving towards creating sustainable impact for all. That is, moving beyond social classes and getting involved on a bigger, global scale.

Since her term, Lidasan-Abdul has had programs and activities that focused on having a progressive impact to those who are involved and the society per se. For February, a Charity Garage Sale was held from February 15 to 22, 2018. Generally, the garage sale paved the way for more people to know about JCI, JCI Cotabato and ways they could further the organization’s cause. Proceeds from the garage sale helped fund the chapter’s existing projects and community services.

“For 2018, JCI Cotabato is looking at trainings and community services aimed at motivating the self to be a motivation for others. This is our way of reaching out.”, JCI Cotabato Chapter President Monaliza Lidasan-Abdul said.