Koronadal’s Best: Villa Amor Hotel

Mindanao’s vast land area is waiting to be explored. From all corners, Mindanao’s resources are as prevalent as ever. Not to mention the yearning of visitors and locals to further enhance those that are already there. True enough, the influx of visitors in the area urged the entrepreneurs to cater to an increasing need: a place to stay.

Heeding such call, Villa Amor Hotel opened its doors to the people of Koronadal last April 14, 2015. Since day one, Villa Amor has exuded quality over and above the other hotels and inn’s in the city. This is the very reason why they are considered Koronadal’s best.

Formerly named Marvella Plaza Hotel, it was previously owned by the Uy family. Years after, businessman Ronald ‘Jo’ Villamor acquired ownership and eventually opted to change the name. Since then, it has been known as Villa Amor Hotel. Villamor is from the Province of Davao.

Villa Amor Hotel has seven branches operating all over Davao and one in South Cotabato. Definitely not the last, the hotel represents of a rich and diverse culture prevalent in their staff. Most of which are ilonggo locals who has been with them since the beginning.

From a simple hotel, it now has an in-house restaurant, a quaint coffee shop and swimming pool perfect for any celebrations. From weddings, receptions, parties, baptism to even training and seminars, you need not worry about anything when celebrating with them. In fact, Government training and forums are often held at Villa Amor Hotel because of their spacious area that can accommodate more than enough participants — even those from outside Koronadal.

Each room is fully furnished and maintains cleanliness that is expected of hospitality establishments. Rooms are air conditioned and equipped with the necessities you will need for a comfortable stay. Not just that, their room rates are inexpensive and very affordable. Unlike that of the others.

Despite the inexpensive room rates, Villa Amor Hotel delivers good quality service that their clients appreciate. From the moment you arrive up until you bid them your goodbye’s, you are guaranteed the comfort you truly deserve.

Villa Amor Hotel is located at General Santos drive, Koronadal, South Cotabato. For inquiries, 083 228 1728 or 083 887 1580 or 0925 6789349