Seawind Tower 2 Prepares To Welcome Residents

“When we set out to do this project, one thing we told ourselves was that, we will only be as good as the quality of our projects and our ability to deliver on time. And to deliver a good project. And  I would like to say that, over the years, we are able to deliver a milestone.”, Damosa Land Inc Vice President Ricardo “Cary” F. Lagdameo said during the blessing and ribbon-cutting of Seawind Tower 2 last February 28, 2018 at Sasa Onse.

Damosa Land Inc (DLI) first vertical resort-themed condominium in Sasa Onse, Seawind Condominium, is a six (6) tower condominium venture that recently took home a highly commended award under the Best Residential Development in the Davao category. Seawind started in 2015.

In an interview, DLI VP Lagdameo said that for their six towers, they are already 98% sold. Or roughly 49 units remaining. Seawind Tower 3 is about 20% on its way and is expected to be done by the end of the year (2018) or January of next. Seawind Tower 4 has since started its foundation work. And there are still 2 more towers that are being constructed.

Given today’s composition of investors in the city, a big portion of its buyers are professionals followed by young employees, self-employed entrepreneurs and also, overseas Filipino workers. Of which, a good 70% of them are from Davao city. Specifically those who are located in the north. As for buyers from outside the city, these are mostly individuals who are working in Davao and wanted a place to call their own rather than renting.

What makes Seawind Condominium attractive to buyers? The selling point surely goes beyond their unorthodox design for a clubhouse nor their clear and inviting swimming pool. Their unique selling point is driven by their reputation. Indeed, any project of Damosa Land Inc is expected to be of utmost quality and of course, value for money. A big factor also to consider are the people behind the project.

“We share our blessings as a company with the people who were able to make this project happen.”, DLI VP Lagdameo added.

Another factor is of course their location. With Seawind at Sasa onse, it has a good proximity to Samal hence the magnificent view it provides. With a first mover advantage on this area, DLI sees this as an opportunity to effectively affect the immediate community to which it is situated. Another is their competitive pricing as compared to others and yes, the quality. Buyers are guaranteed of superior quality with every DLI projects they come across with.

Nowadays, investors are looking at properties they can use in the present and also has a long term use. More so, investors are keen to know and watch their investments grow.

“In front of Seawind is a commercial complex soon to rise”, DLI VP Lagdameo added.

At present, there are 20 residing in Tower 1.

Seawind Condominium is located at Sasa Onse, Davao City