Meet the winners of the Blue Feather Awards

Winners of Best Magazine with the judges
Winners of Best Magazine with the judges

EVERY year, the Blue Feather Awards – the brainchild of Dr. Gemima V. Galang – is held to recognize outstanding student-journalists of Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU).
Generally, only two categories are being competed by third year journalism students: newspaper and magazine. But this year’s competition has been raised as it also included video production.

Let’s start with winners of the newspaper category. “The Mindanaon” emerged as having the most major awards: Best Original Community News Story and Best Business Story for Danielle B. Fanlo, Best Column and Best Science and Health Story for Allyster Berthe R. Astronomo, and Best Newspaper.

“Hagurob” also managed to get five awards: Best Front Page, Best News Story for Maria Isabel A. Elizaga, Best Original Community News Story for Shaina Faye A. Barbarona, Best Feature Story for Maiko Angelo B. Guino-o, and Best Newspaper (third place).

Dr Galang with five outstanding student-journalists

“Hiraya” (Murcia’s group) settled for four awards: Best Front Page, Best Business Story for Duke Frances M. Fuentes, Best Original Sports Story for James Steven V. Batucan, and Best Newspaper (third place).

The following newspapers got one award each: “The Visionary” (Best Tragedy Report for Katrina Marie G. Oralde), “Mindanao Republic” (Best Editorial), “The Oracle” (Best Layout) and “The Quill” (Best Newspaper, second place).

In the magazine category, the winningest was “Madayaw.” It topped the Best Magazine and Maiko Angelo B. Guino-o snatched the Photo of the Year. Marvelous Dainty C. Camilo (author of “The legend lives”) and Maria Lovella Nympha N. Mole (“Ric Obenza…”) got the Best Mindanawon Story, first and third place, respectively.

“Silang” has three recognitions: Best in Magazine Layout, Best Public Service Advertisement (“Stop victim blaming”) and Best Magazine (third place).
Kathryn Lianne J. Ronco of “Ascend” (“Through the Lens”) got the second place in Best Mindanawon Story. Katrina Marie G. Oralde, also of “Ascend” (“The Trinity Project”), won the Best Magazine Story.

The following earned one award each: “Lingkat” (Best Advertisement), “Harvest” (Best Cover Page), and “Boost” (Best Magazine, second place).

In the video production, the Dilaab Productions won the Best Advocacy/Promotional Video. The people behind it were Rebekah Gail C. Celis, Marnil B. del Monte, and Ma. Daniella B. Meking.

Eleven Productions (composed of Michelle Ella H. Huertas, Gertie C. Quijada and Ernest John G. Ulep) got the Best Interview Video.

Declared Best Documentary Video was executed by Queenie Angeles S. Efren and Stephany Kate A. Bergado.

Certificate of recognition given to Tacio

Recognitions were also given to individual awardees: Shaina Faye A. Barbarona for Best Community News, Katrina Marie G. Oralde for Best Tragedy Report, Maria Isabel A. Elizaga for Best Editor-in-Chief for Newspaper, Cyntelle Joanne D. Saguan for Best Editor-in-Chief for Magazine, and Ma. Daniella B. Meking and Vanessa Duma-an for Best Investigative Report.

There were two stars of the awarding ceremony night: Darwin Deanne Divino (male) and Sydonnie Jane A. Madera (female).

As in the previous years, five student-journalists were declared outstanding. They were: Allyster Berthe R. Astronomo, Ma. Daniella B. Meking, Katrina Marie G. Oralde, Fatima Jazmin G. Pechardo, and Cyntelle Joanne D. Saguan.

The winners were chosen by board of judges. There were five in the newspaper category: Joice Cudis, John Frances Fuentes, Eduardo Fernandez, myself and Dr. Galang herself.

There were also five members for the magazine: Stella Estremera, Yas Ocampo, Eduardo Fernandez, Zuhairah Abas, and myself.

The Advocacy/Promotional Video was judged by the Department of Tourism officials headed by Ms. Zuhairah Abas (chief tourism operations).

The Interview Video was scrutinized by Rudolph Ian Alama, EJ Fernandez and myself.
Selecting the Documentary Video were Michael Angelo Resueno, Eanna Marie Fernandez, and Reymond Pepito.