The Lobby Cafe: Where health and taste meets

From the day the coffee culture bug hit Davao City, not a few coffee shops have sprouted. From big brands to startups, everyone just wants to jump into the bandwagon.

But there is more to coffee culture than just espresso-based brews. These days, coffee shops have to do a whole lot more from packaging a theme to concocting unique brews. And then there’s the food.

Aah, nothing beats a heady cuppa matched with tasty deli.

That said, a star is born!

The Lobby Cafe at the Arcadia Active Lifestyle Center along Escandor Street in Ecoland is the new address for coffeeholics.

If you think The Lobby Cafe is just another coffee shop, think again.

Making barista coffee and matching it with great food requires the experts’ Midas touch.

The Lobby Cafe has celebrity chef Gene Gonzalez’s imprint on it, preparing the menu and ensuring what The Lobby Cafe offers is is executed to perfection.

Let’s talk about the aesthetics. We don’t call it ambiance unless we start with aesthetics. At The Lobby Cafe, coziness is a mandate.

Great coffee shops are a knockout right from the doorstep.

This is what they say about The Lobby Cafe. When one enters, the first impression is that it feels and looks fresh and classy. The interior has a cozy and intimate feel to it which gives you the homey, relaxed vibe.

Oh least one forgets, this cafe is located inside a health and fitness territory. So how does it keep a good balance of great food with the weight-watchers?

The Lobby Cafe has the answer.

There’s always health and wellness put in in consideration in every meal prepared and served. Hence, that menu list prides itself with an array of food that’s healthy and yet, tasty.

The Lobby Cafe makes sure to incorporate healthy food in the menu for both the gym goers and those who just simply love to give in to life’s simple pleasures. That means, there is a way for coffee and calories to compromise afterall.