High priority bus system to replace jeepneys in ‘19

The Davao City government is working with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a shift from the outdated and expensive public utility jeepneys to a more convenient, cleaner, and faster mode of transportation, the so-called high priority bus system (HPBS).

In November 2017, the ADB will present the project to city officials. If approved, the following year preparation for the infrastructure needed for the project will commence and then possibly in 2019 the project will be implemented.

“Layo layo na ang naabtan ani nga plano, in fact naa nay mga ruta ang plan. Makita na jud ninyo na workable na ang plano,” Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio revealed during a brief press conference after her State of City Address yesterday.

“We do not want our jeepney drivers to be poor and sickly, we want drivers to become entrepreneurs and invest in the HPBS project. In this way, they become our partners in a modernized transport system for the city.”

The mayor said that she had stressed to ADB and to the Transportation and Traffic Planning Committee of the city that if they will pursue this project it is a must that the jeepney drivers will benefit from it and that the project will be a shift to a better mass transport system.

“Actually hindi talaga siya total phase out naa’y mga feeder routes nga kabalhinan sa [AI1] mga jeep,” Mayor Carpio explained.
The jeepney drivers that will not be accommodated by the feeder routes will be given an opportunity to drive a bus. Investing in a bus company is also an option for the drivers they will be financially assisted by the city government.

The mayor also emphasized that the fare for the bus should not be expensive. “Dapat kung unsa atong plete karon dapat dili substantial ang increase sa plete. It’s either same or mas mababa because mas daghan man ka mapasakay na tao kesa sa jeep,” said Mayor Carpio.

“Para sa akoa this will be more advantagious to them (drivers), because they will become businessmen and not just drivers, we expect questions and we are prepared it.
In fact, the ADB is assisting us in the social preparation of our drivers kung asa sila padulong,” said Mayor Carpio.

The ADB suggested that the high priority buses should have a brand but Mayor Carpio said they have not come to that yet. “Gusto jud nako siya i-pilot gud because naa man gud naga request run ug mga ruta and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has been very cooperative,” said Mayor Carpio.

The public will have a safer, cleaner and much comfortable mass transport system because we intend to have an air conditioned buses and less travel time because the number of jeepneys in our road also contributes to the traffic congestion in the city. “so kung duna tay mga bigger buses mala haul siya ug mas daghan nga tao. Mas lesser ang sakyanan sa dalan,” said Mayor Carpio.