DA, UN-FAO tap youth in campaign vs.  hunger

In line with the celebration of the World Food Day this October 16, the Department of Agriculture is tapping the involvement of the youth in fighting against hunger.

In a recently concluded poster making contest organized by the DA and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN-FAO) which is conducted yearly, 20 elementary student participants from the whole Davao region participated on the contest.

“We are promoting agriculture to the young because we want to develop their artistic prowess,” Chief Information Officer Noel Provido of the Department of Agriculture (DA) 11 said.

The winner of the regional level will be sent to compete with the national level, in which the Davao region gets to enter in the top 5 finalists.

He also added that the contest is a way of making the youth aware of the current agricultural state of the country, which they would be entice to take part in the future.

With the aging number of the farmers, Provido said, “We have to attract the young people to go into farming and consider agriculture as a profitable business.”

“Also, with the dwindling of the agricultural land and the growing number of mouths to feed, our actions right now is for the future,” he added.

Provido also emphasized their annual partnership with UN-FAO is timely especially now that the world continues to face challenges in addressing food stability with the growing population as one of its contributing factor.

With this year’s theme, “A #Zero Hunger World in 2030 Is Possible”, Provido said that the partner agencies continuously raising awareness in food conservation to the public, wherein they would put importance on food production and practice zero waste of consumption in their tables.

“2030 is the year set by UN-FAO wherein they are targeting a sustainable development in having zero hunger,” Provido said.

World Food Day is annually celebrated to commemorate the founding of the Organization in 1945. Over 150 countries across the world participate in promoting worldwide awareness and action in addressing the issue of hunger and the need for food security

UN-FAO believes that food is a basic human right and achieving its goal for zero hunger is achievable.