Time to see it your way with Yamaha Sight

Yamaha Philippines formally unveiled its new line of motorcycles in glitzy ceremonies at the posh Conrad Hotel on August 23 (Wednesday).

The new variant of motorcycles are marketed under the line Yamaha Sight which promises fuel efficiency, simplicity and performance. With these key factors consumers can ensure an improved acceleration with the new and improved fuel injection technology, excellent rigidity balance because of the installed front disc brake and its combination with the special brake pads and reduced overall fuel consumption that allows them to ride smoother and farther.

Toru Osugi, president and CEO of Yamaha Philippines, led the unveiling of the new motorcycle line before its dealers and distributors all over the country and witnessed by motoring media.

Yamaha Sight is powered with 104km/L FI technology and 115 cc air cooled engine which as what they see as the younger brother of the Sniper 150. It has a bright incandescent headlight, an easy-to-read instrument panel design with gear-position indicator and a 9 L compartment enough to carry the items you needed for a long ride. It also has an anti-theft tech of the key shutter which allows only the key holder to access the motorcycle.

The muffler is complete with a protector that gives a strong oozing exhaust sound and a sexy stylistic aluminum grab bar design that would give you form and function. It is also built with a spiny sleeve cylinder that gives you a stable engine performance because of its heat dissipation and a roller rocker arm that provides outstanding fuel efficiency for its contribution to the low-loss engine design.

It has 2 classifications for its design that are suited for the young and regular drivers.

A stunning color and eye catching cast wheel design for youngsters would be the Yellow Hornet and Black Raven and a decent spoke wheel design for regular riders like the Metallic Red and Black Raven.

This would be the new face of Yamaha that would surely won’t be out of sight of their target customers.

Yamaha Philippines Marketing Communication and Advertising Manager Jenifer Perey said, “With its edgy and sharp design, the Yamaha Sight is a sporty performance motorcycle within your reach that won’t be out of your sight.”