Getting to know the Subaru Eye-Sight

Motor Image Pilipinas is rolling out Subaru’s advanced driver assistive technologies dubbed EyeSight for our market real soon.

So naturally, it begs to question three things: how does it perform? Can it take on aftermarket stuff like tints? And finally, can it be retrofitted on non-EyeSight equipped vehicle? Well, we’ll answer them one by one.

How does it perform?

Well, we still can’t answer that yet. The regional program’s not yet done so you’ll have to wait a couple of more days for our first impressions on EyeSight.

Can it handle aftermarket stuff?

Since EyeSight uses a pair of cameras mounted on the inside of the windshield, its performance can be affected by the addition of accessories such as hood protectors, window tints, wide-angle rear-view mirrors, and even water-repellant coating on the windshield.

It’s so integral to the vehicle that merely altering the ride height may worsen the EyeSight’s performance. Subaru recommends that before any accessory is installed, it’s best to have it checked with the dealer in advance. So bummer for those wanting to add a more personal touch to their Subarus.

Can it be retrofitted on non-EyeSight equipped vehicles?

The answer is a definite no. EyeSight may look simple because of its set-up, but putting them into a car takes more work than simply popping in the camera module.

EyeSight requires a special windshield to work properly. Replacing a windshield with a non-OEM one may cause the system to malfunction. If you’re unlucky enough to have your windshield damaged in an area near the camera, forget about doing repairs too. Subaru absolutely prohibits it (their words, not ours).

Aside from the windshield and cameras, EyeSight will also require an entirely new ECU and wiring harness. Not to mention, each time you replace the windshield, it requires an “Inspection”, Adjustment, and Check” at your local dealer; so be careful with those trucks pelting rocks and gravels on the expressways.

How do you care for the EyeSight Stereo Cameras?

Along with these questions, Subaru has also kindly issued some care instruction for vehicles equipped with EyeSight. You can read them below if you think having this advanced driver assistive technology is worth the trade-off vis-à-vis the added care required of them especially since you’ll be relying more on the casa.

The stereo camera lenses are precision components. When the system detects that the stereo camera lenses are dirty, no EyeSight function will be activated.

Always observe the following precautions when handling them:

  • Do not touch or try to clean the EyeSight camera lenses inside the vehicle. Extra precaution should be used when cleaning the inside of the windshield. Over-spray from cleaners may impair or even damage the cameras’ lenses.
  • Do not remove or disassemble the stereo cameras.
  • Do not change the positions where the stereo cameras are installed or modify any of the surrounding structures.
  • Do not install any interior rear view mirror other than a Genuine Subaru rear view mirror (such as a wide-type mirror). Also, use the rear view mirror so it does not obstruct the stereo cameras. Failure to do so may affect the stereo cameras’ field of vision and could prevent the EyeSight system from functioning properly.