Aeon Towers: The new  benchmark of modern living

There is no denying Davao City’s push towards becoming the country’s fastest growing metropolis. For one, there is still a wide expanse of real estate available for development.

That makes Davao the most attractive investment area for property development watchers.

At the moment, developers wrestle to make their presence felt in the Davao market with the hope of cementing a niche and creating a lasting impact.

It’s not just a competition to sell a property out there for these property market players. More than mere structures, they are selling a lifestyle—something Dabawenyos and would-be Davao residents will have to embrace in the future.

So one can always choose from among many condominium projects mushrooming about town, but if one wants real value for the hard-earned money and live in a premium state-of-the-art residential space in the scenic skylines of Davao, then there is no place for compromise.

It’s not that hard though. Whether one consults a real estate agent or do the scouting by himself, make comparisons and arrive at a wise decision.

The variables most likely in consideration are location, amenities, security and safety.

This is where it becomes a no-brainer. All that is already found in the Aeon Towers.

The initial venture of a certified local firm FTC Group of Companies, the 33-level skyscraper is destined to become not only the city’s tallest but also its next iconic structure.

First test, location. Most condominium buildings are constructed in premium locations such as at the heart of the metropolis. This certainly means you are situated right at the center of the cosmopolitan near all the important establishments and buildings in the metro. You have the privilege of easy access to everything such as public and business establishments and transportation. Those who have work in the city do not have to wrestle with the traffic problem and time constraints since they can choose buildings strategically located near their workplaces. Going to the department stores where you can avail your groceries and other important items is also done with great comfort and convenience.

Aeon Towers is located at JP Laurel Avenue in Davao’s newest CBD. These area is lined with shopping malls and condo buildings as well as major businesses and offices, hospitals and schools.

Next test, amenities. There are provided amenities and common facilities in most condo buildings that residents can rightfully use and enjoy. You have the privilege to use several recreational services exclusively provided for members and residents such as swimming pools, tennis courts, lobbies, elevators and gyms.

Aeon Towers has a luxury hotel, fitness gym, jogging lane, shops, BPO offices, skydeck pool, and offices. It is also the first to use Smarthome technology where you can control your unit even from thousands of miles away through internet.

Finally, safety and security. The Smarthome technology and the state-of-the-art security devices are available 24/7. You are definitely ensured that you are well protected and safe within your condo units with a round-the-clock security.

Overall, Aeon Towers is an embodiment of the aspirations of Dabawenyos—modern lifestyle in a highly liveable metropolis.

It has the look of the future with an encasement of UV-protecting glass and will have a clear look at the majestic environs of Davao and the nearby Island Garden City of Samal.

The top floors of the state-of-the-art skyscraper are the premium residential units and the skydeck infinity pool and offices.

The Aeon Towers recently inked a partnership investment deal with a global investment firm which bought in 288 units for operations of lease apartments and luxury hotel.

The project is set for turnover anytime between December this year or January next year.