Aeon Towers stirs excitement over property market

Davao City’s property market is abuzz and continues to draw new investments into the city’s vast available real estate.

More developers are now training its sights towards the city from the already crowded Metro Manila, thanks to the ones which likely have stirred the excitement.

Leading those who pioneered the mushrooming high-rise developments is the 33-level Aeon Towers, soon to be Mindanao’s tallest skyscraper.

Aeon Towers, which topped off last February, now hovers over the city’s growing metropolis.

Passing through J.P. Laurel Avenue these days, one cannot help but marvel in awe at how the busy city landscape will look like once the building is completed late this year or by January next year.

The Aeon Towers is already being compared to the majestic Marina Bay Sands of Singapore and FTC Group of Companies president and CEO Ian Cruz cannot help but be very proud of his brainchild.

Now nearing 80 percent completion, the Aeon Towers project is the future iconic structure of Davao City.

The J.P. Laurel section will have by then a number of high-rise buildings but nothing compares to the state-of-the-art architectural masterpiece that’s Aeon Towers.

That is why it is not surprising that the Aeon Towers is down to its last remaining units.

“These are the prime units and we have just a few left,” said marketing manager Gen Marchan.

With just a handful few units are left in the inventory, the remaining ones are quite naturally, by the dictates of the market, the cost is way higher than when sales opened two years back.

“The value has pretty much increased since. Those who came in early to purchase their own units are really lucky,” said Marchan.

Long before the current property sales boom in Davao City, the market has already started to come in droves for what now stands as the most curiously interesting piece of real estate down South.

As it was, the past months have seen homeseekers and investors chasing a piece of Aeon Towers.

Of late, the property market in Davao City is going through brisk sales with the high demand for property ever since President Rodrigo Duterte became President.

Aeon Towers is the initial venture into real estate development by the FTC Group of Companies, a Davao-born firm with highly successful track record in business.

Aeon Towers, located at JP Laurel Avenue in Davao’s CBD, will have residential units of varying sizes and features in several floors, a luxury hotel, fitness gym, jogging lane, shops, BPO offices, skydeck pool, and offices.

The Aeon Towers building is cast in glass and will have a clear look at the majestic environs of Davao and the nearby Island Garden City of Samal.