Aeon Towers’ glass panels installation underway

Installation of unitized curtainwall panels with low E tinted tempered and double glaze glass of Aeon Towers is now underway.

The much-anticipated skyscraper is fast shaping up as the emerging attraction in Davao’s skyline which is expected to be completed in a few months.

The building not only looms as the tallest in the entire Mindanao but also the first one to be fully glass encased which provides for the best ever 360-degree scenery of the beauty that is Davao.

Along with its modern architectural and technology features, there’s also the fresh, new upscale lifestyle it offers.

All that is the promise of Aeon Towers.

The moving spectacle from Davao City’s future iconic real estate skyscraper Aeon Towers is as breath-taking as a masterpiece of art on moving canvas.

If you are one who loves the tranquillity of your own abode after a busy day in the office, this is your ideal mancave. From one side, there is the island view—a view of the pristine blue waters of the Davao Gulf and the Island Garden City of Samal on the horizon where white sand beaches abound.

Now, if you are the fast-living city rat, a night creature who loves watching over your idea of Gotham City at night, this is your giant silver screen—the city’s flickering lights, images on LED billboards, cars cruising through the city streets.

Aeon Towers is the signature project of a new player in the real estate market that is truly Davao-born, FTC Group of Companies has very interesting business interests in the city before it ventured into real estate development.

Among the fine features of Aeon Towers is its jogging path on the sixth level which provides future residents a place for wellness and physical fitness workouts. It will also have spa and wellness center, an adult and kiddie pool, a library, a function hall and a conference room.

The glass-encased tower will have modern amenities comparable to the best of the Southeast Asian region.

The skydeck on the 33rd floor features a breath-taking view of the city and the Davao Gulf. It will have an infinity pool and offices on the tower’s summit.

Rooms on residential floors also feature internet digital controls through Smart Home technology while green building concept is being observed in all aspects of the construction. The glass walls offer full UV protection.

Aeon Towers topped off last February and is reported at nearly 90 percent complete. Turnover is expected by early 2018.