Matina Enclaves holds Trick or Treat Open House

It was another fun-filled Open House as the Matina Enclaves staged its regular event with a little twist.

This time, a it’s Trick or Treat themed event complete with costumes and kiddie fun games.

The November 10 event featured a costume contest and kiddie movie playdate. Kids had a field day going about the Trick or Treat and came home with loot bags, chocolates and candies. Prizes were also given to winners of the costume contest. Clients and sellers also  feasted on chocolates.

But the biggest bonanza of them all was the promotional offer for the month which is a stretched-out payment scheme from 41 months to 48 months.

Promo discounts of as much as P90,000, free appliance showcase, and gift cetificates in partnership with The Royal Mandaya Hotel were also offered.

Buyers also had the chance to travel overseas for free.