Aeon Towers: Revolutionizing condo living

People always include their residential needs as top priority in life. In this case, there are so many options they could choose from—a house, an apartment or a condominium unit. Aside from the feeling of settlement, how is living in a condo seem practical?

Living in a condo is totally different from any of the two options. As time goes by, Mindanao gets to adapt condo life as a number of condos are now rising in any parts of the cities. That includes the 33-floor tall skyscraper—Aeon Towers.

Aeon Towers which is located right at the heart of Davao’s CBD prepared a different kind of condo living for their residents. Living in Aeon Towers could be the most convenient decision as it has all the nearby access to malls, medical institutions, universities and leisure hubs. But not only that, because inside the tower are amenities that supply any person’s needs.

Just like any condo properties, Aeon Towers has function halls, fitness hub, restaurant and a swimming pool. But what is new inside is that they have a spa area and a kiddy play room which is totally convenient for families. Just imagine, there is no need to go outside of the property just for a mother to have her pampering time while letting their little one have their play time day.

What is more exciting in Aeon Towers is their Skydeck at the 32nd floor of the building where there is an infinity-edged swimming pool. A lot of people say and compare this to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, which makes Aeon Luxe’s President Mr. Ian Cruz so proud of this project. Within the Skydeck is an open function hall that can accommodate any kind of event and the al fresco restaurant, which also has a barbeque pit and grill area for the meatlovers. That is a first and would be an unforgettable experience in the city.

Apart from all these, Aeon Towers’ units feature a futuristic kind of life with its SmartHome Technology. Just like the condominiums in other countries, your home, which goes through a fiber optic backbone is fused with wireless technology where it gives every resident a new level of modern and high tech living with Cisco’s Smart+Connected Home Systems.

SmartHome’s touch screen master controller has all the functions from dimming your lights, to switching on your AC, drawing your curtains, play your favorite music, adjust your shower temperature and control your door access.

All these are what the Davaoenos will get to see as soon as Aeon Towers will be turned over by the end of the year.