Aeon Towers introduces  new condo living concept

As the population of real estate keeps growing in urban cities, settlers now become curious on where and what place could be a good investment they would love to live in. Many of them ended up deciding to get a condo unit instead of the usual house and lot because of a lot of perks when you get one in the city.

Despite the fact that people are too busy these days, people would still desire comfort and convenience, such as but not limited to:

Location and Accessibility. With the increasing number of car drivers in Davao city,travelling takes so much time and it drains energy away. However, if you are one of the lucky people who got a condo unit in Aeon Towers, then this is not much of a problem for you. Aeon Towers is located at JP Laurel Bajada—the Central Business District of the city. Getting to and from the mall, hospital or from work would not be a hassle job.

Security and Safety. There is no need to worry about your safety in Aeon Towers as security systems are fully functioning 24/7, plus you can control everything that is in your unit by getting the SmartHome Technology system in the building. This won’t be a creepy stalker’s haven for that reason.

Surrounded by Entertainment spots and Nightlife. After work plans are possible for a resident in Aeon Towers. There are malls, pubs and clubs nearby that would certainly be your type of go-to places on Fridays. Actually, you can just get in the lift and reach 32nd floor to chill and drink your favorite cocktail drink at the Skydeck.

Less Maintenance. Aside from fixing your bed, washing dishes and vacuuming the entire unit, you got nothing else to clean and fix outside. That is what people would love to hear.

Living in a condominium means not having a lawn to mow or a garden to water everyday.

Shared Communal Benefits and Amenities. The best part is that you may enjoy everything that is inside the building.

The pool areas where you can enjoy sun kisses with your kids, the gym for the fitness enthusiasts, the library for the bookworms, the kiddy playroom, the spa for your desired relaxation, the function rooms for your special events and of course everything on the top floor. Not to mention the restaurants and a retail store where you can do all your shopping.

Above all, there is the peace of mind that Aeon Towers delivers what it promises to its residents.