CLEAN SLATE: Learn from our own master Steve Grandeza

For the last 35 years, Steve Sur Grandeza has been training in the Philippines and abroad to keep on learning from other martial artists and competing in various tournaments.

Time just flies so fast and I did not notice, 35 years has also passed.

He has been training since he was five years old and has been very busy lately with training new students at the Red Knights Gym along Mt.Apo Street.

In some months, master Steve conducts one-on-one training and coaching to young adults and professionals including Ms. Earth Philippines Eco Tourism’s Charinna Gamaya Barro.

You see, the Grandeza Martial Arts or Gan Soo Do has come a long, long way starting from his grandfather, the legendary founder Chingi Grandeza in Bacolod City.  Master Chingi has started the practice in the 1950s and competed locally and abroad until grandmaster Hwang Kee, founder of Moo Duk Kwan in Korea, took notice.  Then came the birth of the Philippine Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, which he started for the Grandeza clan.

Yet, master Chingi has continued to practice Gan Soo Do simply because it is his brand of martial arts.

Hi grandson master Steve grew up on its principles and philosophies and he himself has tried all forms of martial arts and tested its knowledge and skills in competitions.

Probably unknown to many, master Steve fought and won the World Kickboxing Federation (WKBF) International World Welterweight title in Dubai and has tested his newly-learned skills in the MMA and PXC events in the country.

Each day is a learning process for master Steve and students at the Red Knights gym is just so lucky to have one dynamic teacher of martial arts who can demonstrate the art form at its finest and tell them stories of its creation.

Would you like to learn from our own Bruce Lee? Call or text 09228092028 and look for master Steve or visit him at his Red Knights gym, just fronting the Cariaga Law Office.