SPORTS KEN: Pacquiao not yet set to retire

Edge Davao

He said it all in his social media post.

Until his passion in boxing wanes and dies, the Pambansang Kamao will continue fighting as a ring gladiator.

Fans and opposites alike should respect this. Our man, the fighting senator, does not feel in his mind and body that he has had enough of the sport that has brought him fame, fortune, power and authority.

In short, malakas pa siya. Kaya pa.

Nearing 39 summers, Manny Pacquiao is now looking forward to a rematch against erstwhile conqueror Jeff Horn of Australia who is undefeated in 17 pro fights.

This should come sometime in November at the close of the senate session when everyone of his peers go on a much-needed respite from mental and physical pressures.

If you, as a boxing observer, compares the Horn tussle with the Tim Bradley anecdotes, we should all be looking for a possible trilogy again.

But wait. The sporting world is also already in awe of the August confrontation between UFC lightweight king Conor McGregor and now-I’m-retired and now-I’m-back Floyd Weather.

This development picks my mind because I conjure of promoters who are looking for a future big-money fight with Pacquiao in their radar should McGregor prevail over Mayweather.

At least, this is a possibility because Floyd has been sidestepping a return bout with Manny. Maybe, win or lose, if the prize money is right, McGregor and the Pacman could give it a go.

Whatever, the excitement generated by the initial four-city promotional tour in Los Angeles is enough guarantee the Mayweather-McGregor face-off will attract thousands of coliseum fans and perhaps a million more of PPVs around the world.

This scenario is probably being toyed around by the Pacquiao camp because he only got no more than $10M from the “Battle of Brisbane” proceeds. Peanuts, if you compare them with his previous money winnings against name fighters he had faced.

But first, let us tackle the social media pronouncement of Manny.

In effect, he has clearly sent a categorical message to all and sundry that, at this point, advice from his immediate family that he hang up his gloves has been set aside.

I believe he alone has decided the matter. Even his chief trainer Freddie Roach who reacted that he will advise his protégé to retire, has not been heard of since.

I think I understand the psychology behind Manny’s decision not to quit the game yet. For someone who has been exchanging hurting jabs and solid right straights against named opponents for the last 22 years, the itch to slug it out remains embedded in his persona and in his consciousness.

In the same vein that a soldier Is always a soldier and a journalist is ever a journalist in their own hearts and minds, a boxer too is the same.

However, boxing being a very cruel sport, a pugilist can only take so much punishment. As a fighter grows older, his mental and physical reflexes gradually deteriorate.

This is the principle of our mortal existence. Change punctuates our daily lives.

I do hope – just like you who wish him well – that Manny reconsiders.

He has, in truth, a new and bigger assignment from God. Being a senator of the republic entails responsibility that covers the total aspect of human life and conduct. He needs to live and lead by example.

Just one year as a member of the elite senate club, Pacquiao has hardly scratched the surface. He needs to study extensively the intricacies of his job, ably learn the legislative ropes from his peers and mentors and enact more meaningful and impactful laws that are pro-God, pro-poor and pro-nature.

Did he decide because 2022 is just some 5 years from today? (Email your feedback to Psalm 23:1. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!