City 85% ready for DAVRAA

City Sports Division head Micheal Denton Aportadera

Davao City is now on the polishing stage for the hosting of Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA) meet which gets going on February 17 to 23.

City Sports Division head Micheal Denton Aportadera said the city is now at 85 percent ready since they are now on the finishing touches for the regional sporting event.

“As the time goes by whether it’s a weekday or weekend the City Engrineers Office and Deaprtment of Education never stop working in addresssing the issues on playing venues, billeting areas,” Aportadera said.

Aportadera said the city is now on the completion of building the shower rooms in the billeting quarters so that the  athletes will have a decent bathing area.

He also said the city will be also providing beddings in every billeting quarters so that ahtletes will have a comfortable rest.

“The foams for athletes already arrived in the  city because we don’t want them to sleep in the cartons,” he said.

Aportadera said the the city is also fixing the access roads going to the playing venues and billeting areas.

He said the city also fixing the problem on the water and electricity supply in the schools which will be used as billeting quarters.

Aportadera said around 7,000 young athletes are expected to arrive in the city for the week-long sporting meet.

He said there will be 25 sporting events in different playing venues in the city which the center of it will be at University Mindanao, Matina Campus.

Aportadera said the hosting will be the best opportunity to showcase the city since it has been a long time that the city never hosted a sporting meet.

He said the success of DAVRAA will be the gauge if the city is prepared to host a big sporting events.

Aportadera said hosting a sporting event will also help the tourism industry in the city.