WIN NO. 6 Team Go Duterte chalks up another win over IBP

RAINMAKER. Sec. Bong Go (18) rained the basket with seven threes against IBP on Saturday for a 78-71 win.

Team Go Duterte turned back IBP Davao, 78-71, for its sixth win in the two squads’ 2018 basketball friendly series on Saturday at the Genesis 88 Gym.

Sec. Christopher “Bong” Go lit up Team Go Duterte’s offense with another superb display of marksmanship. His torrid shooting night netted him 43 points.

For those who have been used to Sec. Go’s scoreline each time he gets on the floor, that 43 is just another ordinary day in the office.

Those scoring stats were punctuated with seven three-point shots. That, too, is extraordinary for players not named Bong Go. But after he developed more variety to his scoring arsenal, scoring more from distances closer than 20 feet has added new dimensions to Go’s continuously improving game.

On the bigger picture, Team Go Duterte widened its gap against the Legal Eagles with six wins across their name against two by IBP.

IBP had Ongkiko leading the team with 18 points while his teammates Ciudadano and Navarro made 12 apiece.

The game was close to the homestretech after a lackadaisical start by TGD but it was the steady shooting of Go down the wire that catapulted the Go Duterte cagers to the close win. The lawyers put up a gallant stand but came short of finishing the job.

TGD simply had the ace that mattered at crunchtime.

Eugene Labor scored 12 points for Team Go Duterte which also drew 11 from Joel Aberilla.

Last year, TGD dominated IBP in the series, 20-2. Four games ended in a standoff.